Hermitcraft s2 ep.4 – Iron Witch Puncher – Redstone-free Witch Farm!!!

Hermitcraft s2 ep.4 - Iron Witch Puncher - Redstone-free Witch Farm!!!Shortcuts Below! /// Brand new witch farm design – Uses no redstone! Also checking out my new storage room and it’s player-tracking face :) 0:00 Intro 1:02 A…

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20 Responses to “Hermitcraft s2 ep.4 – Iron Witch Puncher – Redstone-free Witch Farm!!!”

  1. TheVanishgamer Says:

    Hey red3yz :) good video and i like you face in the storage room :D but one
    question: You got a chicken outside of your base sitting n a minecart?! Why
    is it just or the fun or whatever ? :D

  2. ClassicPork Says:

    :D the golem animation is messed UP XD

  3. Hunter Rodgers Says:

    Very innovative with farm design. I’m sure you’ve tested the rates, any
    idea how yours compares to redstone designs? I’m curious to know just how
    much the golems reduce the rates.

  4. Mumbo Jumbo Says:

    Cheers for the help Red3yez! You have no idea how much I hate villagers. So
    it was totally worth the 40 diamonds :P

  5. Jordan815 Says:

    That voice tho i love it i can never get used to it and im a guy!!!

  6. YoutubeUsername Says:

    Where have you been?

  7. Austin Patterson Says:

    Name one of them Salem!

  8. Kyle Shilling Says:

    Your having to much fun with the witch farm 

  9. DrankisDank Says:

    As far as server lag goes, one hopper minecart will cause MUCH less lag
    than a layer of hoppers. Why? I can answer that…

    If you were to guess how a hopper works in the code, you would assume that
    it would look in the block above it and see if any items are present there.
    Sadly this is not the case. Instead, all the entities in the world are
    stored in one list. A hopper in a loaded chunk goes through the ENTIRE list
    of items in the world one by one to see if each item is or is not in the
    block above the hopper, EVERY SINGLE REDSTONE TICK. As you can imagine,
    hoppers cause lag. EVEN IF they aren’t transporting items!

    P.S. this lag gets more extreme when there are more items present in the
    world. So Hoppers + things that make items on the ground = LAG (even if
    those two things arent next to each other)

  10. Hezzer3 Says:

    I think that you should invert the eyes if you can. It looks like he is
    looking away from you when you walk to the sides

  11. EliyaNef Says:

    “Etho did it” comment…. When did Etho do it?

  12. xisumavoid Says:

    Red3yz is back!

  13. EpicMinecraft Says:

    Maybe name them Wirolem (combo of witch, iron and golem) and sounds like
    “we roll them” :D

  14. I have a new youtube name I can use spaces and punctuation now too :D YAY! :DDDDDDDD Says:

    Shouldn’t “Brains” be a zombie name? lol

  15. Arnar Gunnarsson Says:

    If tou have a villager by the farm. Would that atract the gollems to the
    sides and leave the spawning spacez for witches?

  16. BlackTopHatGuy Says:

    Lovely to see you back in action! But one little thing, Mobs can still
    spawn on Upside down stairs!

  17. red3yz Says:

    My new Witch farm that uses no redstone! Check it out :D

  18. kingdaddydmac Says:

    woot a Red3yz vid :)

  19. Alex Gale Says:

    this is fkn amazing

  20. foooeey Says:

    Two fantastic ideas! I do wish you were able to record more.

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