[Timelapse] The great mountain of Thorodan

[Timelapse] The great mountain of Thorodan▏ Download the map here: adf.ly ▏ Tweet about this: bit.ly ▏ Credits Camera work/Editing: Cuzic (www.youtube.com/cuzzzic) Builder/Design: Spaceecake ▏ Music Kevin MacLeod – Latin Industries ParagonX9 – Chaoz Fantasy ParagonX9 – Chaoz Airflow Reasoner – Coming Home ▏ Texture Pack Customized version of DokuCraft: www.minecraftforum.net ▏ Mods used Optifine: www.minecraftforum.net Camera Studio: www.minecraftforum.net

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Filed under minecrafta2z : Comments (20) : May 2nd, 2012

20 Responses to “[Timelapse] The great mountain of Thorodan”

  1. KPTorrent Says:

    Amazing! Absolutely amazing. I’m so glad you put this together for us to see.

  2. 11990laura Says:


  3. 123bussi Says:

    ..godlike <3

  4. TheFencingJedi Says:

    Wow, that was great. Nice job guys!

  5. ShadowLink678 Says:

    That’s like something I have always wanted to make myself, but I would never put the time into it. I’d also probably ruin it with some weird abstract lava structures and stuff.  Imagine 12 people were all working on this mountain at once though??

  6. Ninbrain Says:

    Hey mna, do you mind if I use this on a server?

  7. TheSkywalkaz Says:

    I hate this music. Simply because it taunts me during that game. This is the first time I got to hear the whole thing.

  8. sammelief1 Says:

    wow…… amazing!

  9. Dylanschannelodoom Says:

    Amazing build! Although, (don’t continue reading if you don’t like constructive criticism.) you could work on those ship sails, they don’t look very natural. Other than that, it all looks very well done and I’m amazed that someone had the capacity to build alone for 8 hours straight. Bravo!

  10. cnauyodearhsti Says:

    This is… Impossible

  11. Cuzzzic Says:

    Decca!! Haven’t seen you in a while man :D

  12. sammelief1 Says:


  13. Sam1elf Says:

    i really enjoy timelapse videos, nice build and good filming as well

  14. LordSprinkleBuns Says:

    I love you space and cuzzy, keep up the good work

  15. TheEligioOne1 Says:

    Nice guy

  16. ThroughtheMines Says:

    Very cool build and excellent camera and editing work!

  17. anmarchi Says:

    More time-lapse but survival?

  18. Dekamerx Says:

    Missed a spot 4:35 :P

  19. Skignangsta Says:

    He can make things better in a 3D world than I can in a 2D one.

  20. acejammer888 Says:

    Ooh, newgrounds music, this may be strange for my age, but I nostalgia’d.

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