The Year Of 2014 Recap

The Year Of 2014 RecapMinecraft Showcase Playlist â-» In this video we go over the year of 2014 and talk over my favorite videos and events.

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20 Responses to “The Year Of 2014 Recap”

  1. Jackson Beebe Says:

    Congrats. Wait… Do people from England spell February without the first

  2. Douglas Birley Says:

    “May was aMAYzing”

    Im sorry to everyone who had to read this comment but I couldn’t help it

  3. Andrea Colapinto Says:

    +xisumavoid I waited a lot this video cause now I can ask you:
    In your second vlog, who was cicling with ya at the minute 2:53?

  4. RimaNari Says:

    Wow, just realizing I am watching your videos regularly for over a year
    now! I am so glad I became aware of your channel and started watching your
    Hermitcraft videos, from which it was a short step of watching nearly every
    video of yours. You are truely an awesome Youtuber and an even better human
    being +xisumavoid (hope that doesn’t sound weird) :-) Keep up your
    amazing videos and stay like you are! See you in 2015 ;-)

  5. TankBacca Says:

    It was a year of Xitement, Xtreme, and definitely a whole bunch of Xisuma.
    Happy new year!

  6. GrizzlyStudios101 Says:

    Aw man, i’m tearing [ :'( ] up, let’s hope next year will be even crazier
    Musix+A :3 


    Wow i just realized how long i been subbed to you. Its been 1 1/2 years of
    being subbed! Dang your gone a long way. Im glad for you.

  8. Ken DaCrafter Says:

    Aww man, I remember the day when I was looking for a cool auto melon farm
    on YT and I found your video. Since then, I’ve always been so glad that I
    have clicked on that tutorial and finding your channel! 

  9. Biffa2001: Minecraft, Mods & More Says:

    We love your Chooturials too – keep it up X :-)

  10. Dimension Says:

    And a Amen to 2014, Hello to 2015 ^-^

    I remember when you guys first invited Mumbo, time goes so fast

  11. bubblywums Says:

    Awesome recap! It’s been a pleasure being a subscriber of yours in 2014. :)
    Here’s to another great year!

  12. xisumavoid Says:

    Fun Fact: I copied the spelling of the months from a website so i wouldn’t
    get them wrong. The website was wrong XD

  13. CoryTheDark Says:

    So from the motorcycle vlog Xisuma showed in this video, I’m willing to
    assume that X is fairly tall and on the thinner side because from the black
    leather gloves he wore, his wrists seemed like they were skinny…

  14. maxzzzie Says:

    Hey Xisuma, I loved my 2014.
    Not only because school started to get nice. But also you came into my life
    with all the other hermits. Every free bit of time i had i spent watching
    back every single hermitcraft video of every hermit. The when modsauce came
    out i got hooked on that for a while. And my channel just grew to almost
    100 subs wich is huge for me!!! Thanks a lot for giving us daily content
    and enjoyment. Have a nice new years eve and a spectacular 2015:)

  15. SuperSandro2000 Says:

    I remember almost every video if it where yesterday.

  16. Zealaz TV Says:

    When i see this video i realise i’ve been a fan for a long long time…
    Happy New Year

  17. Luc Burgerjon Says:

    A happy new year my friend! In 10 minutes it is new year for me in the
    Netherlands, but a happy new year in about a hour <3

  18. Mumbo Jumbo Says:

    Wow. Can’t believe how the time has flown! I remember you guys moving me
    through the nether like it was yesterday!

  19. xisumavoid Says:
  20. KingDaddyDMAC Says:

    Happy New Year!!!

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