Starbound – E11 – New Pets! Teleporters! Planet Bookmarks! (1080p Gameplay / Walkthrough)

Starbound - E11 - New Pets! Teleporters! Planet Bookmarks! (1080p Gameplay / Walkthrough)Let’s play Starbound Beta! In this episode, Sheriff McShooty finds a cute little critter on his ship, thanks to the newest update! We also take a look at the new Planet Bookmark system and…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : Apr 24th, 2015

20 Responses to “Starbound – E11 – New Pets! Teleporters! Planet Bookmarks! (1080p Gameplay / Walkthrough)”

  1. Tesc Says:

    As a Youtuber you have the voice to stop this madness before it starts.
    Please speak out against paid mods on Steam.

  2. Lord Awesomus Says:

    9:03 lol I thought he was going to say “That’s gonna keep you up all night
    little f*cker!”

  3. Chief barfy Says:

    You should name him Deputy Puff!

  4. Adam Lewis Says:

    Pablo puff fluff!!

  5. gaminmaster100 Says:


  6. legoclone09 Says:

    +Paulsoaresjr Call the star-bunny Flaffles. It is a name that makes no
    sense, and I call my cat that too. By cat I mean my cat IRL.

  7. Conor Porteous Says:

    A little Adipose for every character would be awesome! It should be called
    Adipose as its small and the Doctor Who image of it….

  8. Alonso Gomes Says:

    What abouuuut…. Mr PinkPuff or Miss PinkPuff!

  9. Nightwing2123 Says:

    Hey Paul could you do a Minecraft Xbox 360 play through

  10. Ali-Ekram Tarafder Says:

    Name your pet fluffy cause he locks fluffy

  11. Dylan Coull Says:

    Nam it Sheriff McFluffy!

  12. tarquinnff3 Says:

    Pet Name: Deputy McPuffy.

  13. phoenixthecookiemonster Says:

    Sweet! Under 301 club :3 Nice new ep! 

  14. TheUltimateFanGirls Says:

    you shoud call your pet Fluffy because its fluffy and cute (aswell i named
    my rabbit after that name fluffy)


    I wanna get starbound :D

  16. Xav Pip Says:

    ya hoo another episode! I am a happy novakid!

  17. supermole plays Says:

    Paul can YA name him pinky? After the pink slime in terraria :D

  18. paulsoaresjr Says:
  19. BattleReadyEagle Says:

    I think the pet should be called Marshmellow.

  20. Blackpanda64 Says:

    Yes Sheriff McShooty is back! But I bet he’s up to no good!

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