Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 172 – Pretty Fly Sty

Minecraft Let's Play: Episode 172 - Pretty Fly StyIn this video? I finish up my stable and my Pig Sty(Pen)! Both great little designs but next video? Wither farm.

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (13) : May 1st, 2015

13 Responses to “Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 172 – Pretty Fly Sty”

  1. Nico wilson Says:

    Hello tyken, top of the evening to you!

  2. ExcalibursZone Says:

    One thing you could do in the stables is put hay bales in the ceiling, turn
    it into a loft…Otherwise, looking sweet ;) Also, there is the lead
    (string and slime balls) to pull mobs along with. No need to wave food in
    front of their faces.

  3. Seres322 Says:

    Tyken for the farm area you should build at some point an auto melon farm
    but put it inside a corn silo so you would always be getting food and it
    would look pretty nice.

  4. Max Nethaway Says:

    they only thing i can fault one the video is that the game sound is quite
    loud tbh but other than that great video :)

  5. Tyken132 Says:
  6. GTexperience Says:

    Tyken can you pls make tumbnails for your video’s

  7. Oh Plasque Says:

    I still remember your secret fire place 

  8. DonVolio Says:

    Its great to see you back Tyken132! Back in business :)

  9. Demonblade8000 Says:

    You should do a smp series when you get the time and maybe redo the
    underground area/lab cause that was amazing

  10. MetalMarioX Says:

    Sweet, I’m not the only person who says bless me when they sneeze! XD

  11. bunhamable Says:

    I love you tyken

  12. SplaterGuy53 Says:

    Is your server almost open to accepting applications again? I would love to
    be able to go on your server, I love your videos keep up the great content

  13. hatchetone100 Says:

    Hey tyken, the dirt on your roof gave me an idea… I know you build in a
    more wood-and-stone look but could you try your hand at a ultra modern
    house with environment friendly stuff? (Solar panels, green roof, ect…)
    just a thought keep up the great work!

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