Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 171 – Stable-ity

Minecraft Let's Play: Episode 171 - Stable-ityIn this episode? I work on my horse stables, hence the lame stable pun in the title. Don’t like puns? Well you’ve come to the wrong channel!

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (14) : Apr 20th, 2015

14 Responses to “Minecraft Let’s Play: Episode 171 – Stable-ity”

  1. Laurens Wolfert Says:

    Are you ever going to build something more at your main house?

  2. SirBatmanis Says:

    I like puns….

  3. jack gogdain Says:

    First like comment and 5th view :D

    Yay tykens back 

  4. SpyderGaming Says:

    Great to se you back! But your ingame sound is a bit too loud, so sometimes
    it’s difficult to hear what you are saying. Maybe you could turn it down?

  5. tom garb Says:

    your welcome tyken glad i could be of help (about the fences)

  6. Will McIntosh Says:

    Very Great episode Tyken!!! WAHOO He’s Back!!

  7. Tyken132 Says:
  8. Drew Bell Says:

    Your great at building

  9. Austin Swaney Says:

    Tyken will you be continuing with your feed the beast let’s play? 

  10. Seres322 Says:

    Someone’s an early bird, or your just on the east coast somewhere. Great
    video Tyken :)

  11. Bobuski W Says:

    Are you going to use Eedze’s chicken coop as a reference for the one you’re
    going to make?

  12. AlphaPlays - Minecraft PvP Says:


  13. FriendWithAnOffSwitch Says:

    Awesome lets play :)

  14. Drew Bell Says:

    Nice vid man enjoyed it 

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