Minecraft 4th World #6 – Guardian Palace Pt. 1!

Minecraft 4th World #6 - Guardian Palace Pt. 1!Minecraft 4th World – Back to the underwater city, I’ll get started on two large buildings with guardians and prismarine. Enjoy! SUBSCRIBE to MONKEYFARM: http://bit.ly/VwOqXZ Follow me on…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft 4th World #6 – Guardian Palace Pt. 1!”

  1. LeTRafRunner Says:


  2. Watcher Barron Churn Says:

    O.O WOW… your a good builder…

  3. Isak Robinson Says:

    Nice again!

  4. TheOverlordOsprey Says:

    The lost city of gaurdlantis

  5. connor Says:

    how long did it take to build all that you built in this video? and when
    will pt 2 be uploaded? :D

  6. Lakota Santarpio Says:

    That under waster build is really impressive even though its not finished

  7. Karoline Martinsen Says:

    You are going to play on hermitcraft season 9 right? :-)

  8. Even Andre Solheim Says:

    can you increase you audio? 

  9. victor guidi Says:

    makes another creeper temple pls, will be awesome

  10. Lakota Santarpio Says:

    Great build its really coming together :) 

  11. MrSwampWitch Says:

    It looks, amazing! I love your artistic view :3 Keep up the good building

  12. KHaL Yeleytr Says:


  13. ajbbolt power Says:

    Why don’t you make videos with docm77

  14. Monkeyfarm's Minecraft Says:
  15. lololand Says:

    hello :3

  16. Alex Banwell Says:

    you should make a massive library at some point with some enchantment
    tables possibly in the underwater network of tunnels, awesome palace so
    far, i am really liking the series, keep making awesome videos :)

  17. gdorwin26 Says:

    SethBling made an mcedit filter that bans slimes in an area or something.
    I’m not sure if it still works though.

  18. pixelforce Says:

    do mcedit but make a timelapse

  19. Avasis1 Says:

    You got me into minecraft monkeyfarm, thank you man.

  20. Mad Grape Says:

    Monkey farm I’ve been watching youre videos for along long time and there
    still flawless keep it up :)

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