Minecraft 4th World #3 – Tropical Paradise!

Minecraft 4th World #3 - Tropical Paradise!Minecraft 4th World – Mountain Madness in creative mode… I’ve made a lot of progress on the Villager Island since last episode, and it’s starting to look like a tropical paradise. We’ll…

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Filed under monkeyfarm : Comments (20) : Sep 25th, 2014

20 Responses to “Minecraft 4th World #3 – Tropical Paradise!”

  1. Hector K - L Says:

    Great build! It’s better that it’s not symmetrical. Symmetry is boring.
    Amazing! It might need a few acacia trees, not too many so that they don’t
    block the view.

  2. Deamonid Says:

    Make an gigantic underwater base with reef. That would be awesome 

  3. Matilde Sadi Says:

    Looks amazing (no surprise there)! I really like the tiny garden and the
    different fountains :) And I can’t wait to see what you’ll create with that
    village you found! Also this may be a silly question but where do the
    colored flower pots come from? Is it a mod or are they part of the texture

  4. bananas401k Says:

    you should do chipmunkeyfarm timelapses more often

  5. Ar3J4Y Says:

    That village looks awesome! Keep it going! You should make an underwater
    snow globe. If you could somehow get it to snow inside the globe that would
    be sweet!

  6. Monkeyfarm's Minecraft Says:
  7. MPKampersand Says:

    The sped up voice is so much fun to listen to!

  8. jake lemon Says:

    build a gigantic florescent dildo out of diamond 

  9. Karoline Martinsen Says:


    reminds me of keralis :]

  10. Trix Games Says:

    Yes. Do something under water !

  11. BHHTB Says:

    Jajajajaj! I love when you speed up things 

  12. nigel mansveld Says:

    hey monkeyfarm im watching this all the way in holland!!

  13. Rectus Erectus Says:

    Please put this world for download. Ty :D

  14. Christian Gibson Says:

    Hey monkey farm use infinite night vision command
    /effect 16 2000 255

  15. xisumavoid Says:

    Beautiful looking village man! :-)

  16. bandgeek9723 Says:

    You’re in creative, you only need one slot to place as many sponges as you

  17. Monkeyfarm's Minecraft Says:

    Hey everyone, let me know what you want next… An underwater building, or
    a big redstone mob spawner!

  18. Gunz77 Minecraft Says:

    A reef of a sunken temple would be cool. The reef would look cook with
    stained clay an coloured wool.

  19. AngryKnine Says:

    I think the things you have built so far are really great! Keep up the
    awesome work! Looking forward to seeing more :)

  20. Proxima_Productions Says:

    atlantis-type structure

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