Minecraft 4th World #2 – A Better Village!

Minecraft 4th World #2 - A Better Village!Minecraft 4th World – Mountain Madness in creative mode… Today, I’ll get to work improving the village floating inbetween the mountains. Enjoy! MAP SEED: Select the ‘Mountain Madness’ custom…

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20 Responses to “Minecraft 4th World #2 – A Better Village!”


    Wow I’ve watched every world and they always amaze me I like it

  2. WM2869 Says:

    Those corner rooms, the roof line looks off and maybe use wood for the
    flooring on those parts. But it’s looking good so far

  3. Weegee40000 Says:

    Name one sheep booger and dye it green like the 2nd world one:D

  4. BadMrBox Says:

    I always love your videos monkey

  5. Stat Games Says:

    looking good

  6. DjuleGaming Says:

    Love the series so far Keep up the good work I realy like the design of the
    village But I dunno where will you put the dors

  7. Smesh FormulaHD Says:

    I like creative more than survival as I don’t have much time to gather
    materials and i like to build cool stuff so yea

  8. Birnenhund Says:

    Hi, is the jhon smith texturepack opdated for 1.8?

  9. Mumbo Jumbo Says:

    I really like this idea :)

  10. 2ForTheShow Says:

    You were one of the first youtubers I every watched. You were
    (techinically) the first person I ever subbed to. It’s been forever since
    I’ve watched one of your videos, but I’m glad I stopped and clicked on

  11. TheOverlordOsprey Says:

    Amazing builds Monkey! Didn’t quite make it lake town but I think it’s
    better! Keep up the good work! I cannot wait for the next episode! Also you
    should build bridges to other mountains just like in the Ewok village.
    Awesome work! Thanks soooo much for making videos. If it weren’t for you i
    wouldn’t know what minecraft is!!!

  12. jacob morrell Says:

    love the world u give me lots of inspiration 

  13. 13CyberGeek Says:

    Put some snow golems in the towers, so if any mobs come they will attack
    them like an artillery tower.

  14. Clone Trooper Xernia Says:

    OMG, YAY! I can’t WAIT for the next one!

  15. AlexxShadenk777 Says:

    Maybe build a spa area for the villagers. Greek style!

  16. TheWhitePixel Says:


  17. pk mat Says:

    this is a cool and i like the originality :) 

  18. MrPoperstoper180 Says:

    Why you in creative

  19. Ghrimvixon Says:

    Looking good! Can’t wait for it to be done! Adding some plants and flowers
    and fountains will really bring this build all together. :). I <3 Creative!

  20. BLTspace Says:

    I’m a die hard survival guy at heart but I can appreciate this. You can get
    so much done in a short amount of time and create a really epic world. Love
    the seed too. I’ll totally support this series… as long as Bilbo get’s an
    epic pig fortress! ;D

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