Let’s Play Half Life 2 – Part 28 – Back In The City

Let's Play Half Life 2 - Part 28 - Back In The CityGoing back for some action in City 17, but this time with some help from the rebels. Half-Life 2 by: http://www.valvesoftware.com/ Usage/Video rights: http:/…

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Filed under Red3yz : Comments (17) : May 31st, 2013

17 Responses to “Let’s Play Half Life 2 – Part 28 – Back In The City”

  1. OsuFan418 Says:

    Hurray I’ve taken a break building a 12kv tesla coil to watch this 

  2. wm94zxy Says:

    Wait, so you haven’t played in a month, and you didn’t die once during that whole firefight. Impressed.

  3. red3yz Says:

    yeah she seems pretty pissed off lol.

  4. 4Shurtz Says:

    This Series Is Just Pure Gold

  5. reaper15th Says:

    Ohhh yeah! More HL2!

  6. RedstoneAge Says:


  7. piet1234567890piet Says:


  8. ItsCraftbench Says:

    Nothing like enjoying some half life 2 while having my cup of tea! city 18! this is my favorite part apart from those droppers slowing you down! those so called “teammates” arn’t much use at all apart from if one with a medic logo on its arm is near walk up to them and they will give you health. but really the antlions were more helpful! keep it up!

  9. red3yz Says:

    wow! sounds cool :) don’t touch the wrong wires ;)

  10. MrCreeperkiller49 Says:

    Yes! New Half Life!…..I’m up at like 5 in the morning watching this xD.

    I love how Alyx just hates Judith so much haha. It’s hilarious!

  11. Slithereenn Says:

    Others give you ammo, at least i think so. But that’s really not that helpful :)

  12. mrdomenfly Says:


  13. Slithereenn Says:

    Told ya, Red, this part is much easier than that cell block =)

  14. red3yz Says:

    yup those medics are handy, but the rest… not so much :)

  15. red3yz Says:

    thankfully so :)

  16. Slithereenn Says:

    Frankly speaking, i consider a cell block to be the hardest part of the game, rivaled only by Nexus strider battle. The rest feels just like if you went for a walk after lunch, but with guns :D

  17. Slithereenn Says:

    errr… I’ve delayed my breakfast because of this video! :D

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