Hearthstone – Just A Random Video

Hearthstone - Just A Random VideoHearthstone card game. I decided to record the end of an arena run and post it for everyone who has been asking me to play hearthstone. Probably a 1 time video.

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Filed under EthosLab : Comments (20) : May 2nd, 2015

20 Responses to “Hearthstone – Just A Random Video”

  1. Brenden Gilvear Says:

    I actually JUST started playing this, like maybe a week or two ago, and I’m
    REALLY enjoying it.

  2. Max Schmitd Says:

    YuGiOh, man !
    The best :D

  3. chea resan Says:

    I just started playing it, it’s so easy to understand, I am addicted now

  4. Gambit P Says:

    Woah Etho got 12 wins on first video :O
    :O my highest has been 7…

  5. fdagpigj E Says:

    The funny thing is, Scrolls has less than 100 players logged in at any
    given time. If Etho did a video on it, he could easily tenfold the active
    player count and breathe some life into the dying game (it’s dying only
    because of low player count, and because that spirals into less players due
    to longer queue times, the game dies slowly but surely). Instead, he gives
    more publicity to Hearthstone. I’m not blaming him, I mean, he can play
    what he wants, it just feels a bit ironic.

  6. HyperGaming Says:

    I don’t understand anything… But I LOVE IT!

  7. Shingeki no Kylie Says:

    Loved the video, Etho (congrats on your 12 win arena)
    i think it’d be nice to see one of these every once in a while, but not in
    a series type of way- just the odd video every now and then. just my two

  8. SlimesWithBowties Says:

    What does etho mean when he says ‘pinging’ a card?

  9. Monkey Says:

    love HS <3
    thanks etho.
    I’m wondering waht’s your ranked in ladder.

  10. Elleisbest95 Says:

    Etho ur so scrub 1v1 me m8

  11. Brad Does Minecraft Says:

    I don’t understand why he gets so much hate whenever he tries out a new
    game or something different. Seriously, it’s his channel, stop trying to
    control him.

  12. Tenebris Signum Says:

    Bottom left of the screen tells the time. Ahem, Etho, I think you need to
    sleep sometime.

  13. Isaac Collis Says:

    So many dislikes. You guys are harsh.

  14. peter jörgensen Says:

    please do more etho :) i love hearthstone

  15. Harold Maltez Says:

    Omg level 60 Jana xD my highest level is druid and he’s only level 30 :p
    and I think my Jana is level 23. More Hearthstone content would by awesome

  16. Ole Andreas Egeland Rørvik Says:

    Oponents: BabyRage No Luck BabyRage

  17. EthosLab Says:
  18. Indiana Dixon Says:

    Oh my gosh. Whatever this game is I want it. Never heard of it before (Etho
    may have mentioned it once or twice before), but this looks fun and

  19. Elephantus Says:


  20. MasterSuperSaiyan Says:

    Most graphic Etho’s video has ever been.

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