Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 399: Building The Machine

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 399: Building The MachineMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we finally start working on the Rube Goldberg Machine for the 400th episode. Twitter: TwitchTV:…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 399: Building The Machine”

  1. SniperD Gaming Says:

    You should put a white cross going across the dome to make it be less of a
    beating of your eyes.

  2. Lamdrew Says:

    Dat whiplash doe! xD

  3. The Bearded Woodsman Says:

    Do the lighting up in the ceiling so it still has light but it will be
    moody and you can make it so lights turn on and off randomly

  4. Colton Wittrock Says:

    etho,what is your fav game to play?Also keep up on the good videos oo did u
    see i didn’t put vid?Anyway keep up on them bye :D.

  5. RsiriusMC Says:

    Hey Etho, you should add a minecart track system that will move you from
    viewing point to viewing point (activated by the villager or by the
    machine) , that way you can get the best viewing angles at the right

  6. joy banach Says:

    Etho, your pick is named eatter of worlds, it’s spelled eater of worlds!
    Like so he can see!

  7. ThimbleStudios Says:

    +EthosLab @ 14:24 “Hum, that water is in the wrong place… well, let’s
    just try it any way…” *Famous last words*

    I can feel that you are just maintaining this series… like you are
    stringing it along… do you want to play it? I know after this long the
    game *must* be a chore, but I also know you love the game, everyone can
    feel that you love this game, it shows and that is why people watch your

    You say you are low on resources when you spent most of your time playing
    other games… and not actually “playing” your Let’s Play as much… you do
    have to spend a little time off camera fleshing out the game you know, I
    know you know- and that is why I asked you if you **want** to play the

  8. Agent M Says:

    How would you rate your look on a scale of -16 to 69? Do you just put on
    random clothes each day and… do you shave your beard often or do you not
    really care about your look at all.
    Just wondering.

  9. Commandblack Says:

    To make sure the villager doesnt die, throw a splash potion of regeneration
    at it! Love you etho!

  10. 4eks1sLV Says:

    i want to be comment of the day for 400th episode

  11. João Pinto Says:

    Hey Etho! Is it a requirement to say “Hey Etho!” and “You are awsome” to be
    chosen for the comment or the day or is it just normal cortesy? You are
    awsome btw

  12. Osama Haddad Says:

    ETHO!! I have an idea for the blocks falling on the tripwire.

    Build a row of hoppers under the water stream

  13. Subatomicfish Says:

    Dear Etho, please stop dying so much. It is painful to watch you lose so
    much stuff. You may be fine with it, but it can still make me seriously
    want to stop watching. Thanks, Etho, you’re awesome!

  14. Jake Higdon Says:

    Etho! If you need more time, you could make next episode “Episode 399 1/2″.

  15. HebaruSan Says:

    Confirmed: Etho is over 10 years old.

  16. EthosLab Says:
  17. Aaron Worland Says:

    watch as Etho shows only his hand on episode 400…

  18. Skaliber Says:

    Etho, a suggestion, when you start the rube goldberg machine, go into
    Spectator mode so that you can view it from a really good angle, otherwise
    you might not be able to see it all xD

  19. TinySlimy64 Says:

    Etho, I really like the Rube Goldberg machine so far! But I think you
    should do something different. I KNOW Rube Goldberg machines are supposed
    to be pointless, and random. But I think it should have a STORY. A story
    about that villager. It could end with him making it to a real village
    where he (or she) has friends. The machine could go through caves,
    different biomes, and you would be following the machine on a minecart. I
    know it’s different the other Rube Goldberg machines, but doing something
    different to yours could make it even more special for the 400th episode.
    Keep up the great videos!

    P.S. Do you like tacos?

    (+1 if you agree so etho can see. :D )

  20. lewis james Says:

    19:24 etho never used stone bricks for redstone!!!

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