Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 398: Clay Mining Outpost

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 398: Clay Mining OutpostMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we build a special clay mining room to make storage, transportation, and other parts of the block collecting much easier and convenient for myself….

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 398: Clay Mining Outpost”

  1. DOUBLETAPM4A1 Says:

    Etho! You’re never gonna be able to kill endermen if you play with the bow
    only :OOO you’re gonna have to always run 

  2. King Says:

    Hey Etho, you should go into creative and put command blocks at the
    entrance of the arena with pressure plates on them that turns mob grieving
    on/off so you don’t have to worry about replacing blocks! Keep up the
    amazing work!

  3. Ian Herd Says:

    What’s the morning songs real name?

  4. EthosLab Says:
  5. Jonatan Höglund Says:

    Hey Etho! You should add a mob sorter to your arena so that you can choose
    which mobs to battle! You can use villagers, dogs and cats to sort them out
    but you probably already know that :P Awesome videos btw

  6. A Lonely Sack of Potatoes Says:

    a few days ago i saw a chat thread asking what the fellow community
    member’s favorite youtubers are…

    you were getting around as many votes as pewdiepie and captain sparkles,
    just goes to show that having actually good content is more important than
    millions of young immature fanboys, keep up the awesome videos etho!

  7. Raven6229 Says:

    The reasons to like MInecraft: If you can’t afford a castle, you can build
    one yourself! Need I continue?

  8. 55mrbanana Says:

    Hey Etho!
    Why don’t you try using granite for the arena, that way if it gets blown
    up, you won’t care because it’s granite.
    However there is the possibility that you will purposely blow yourself up
    to get rid of it.
    Love your videos man, have a nice day smiley face.


    Creeper face in the floor!

  10. NeronMC Says:

    Hello Etho, I was wondering do you have pets like cats or dogs, and also do
    you like/eat fast food like McDonald’s and Domino’s Pizza? Btw, you are

  11. Indiana Dixon Says:

    Etho??? I heard music!!!! Why! I love your videos without it! But it was
    cool and something different. As of now I have mixed feelings towards it.

  12. tom759345 Says:

    Here’s an idea for the arena floor pattern. Each time a creeper blows up
    the floor, choose a random colored clay to fill it in and see how it turns
    our over time.

  13. Six shots Says:

    I think I found a good use for granite.use it as the floor for the arena.

  14. XeviousFlame Says:

    Guys, quit thinking Etho is ugly. Daniel is not ugly.
    He’s a great Youtuber and provides hours of entertainment, is that not good
    enough for you?

  15. Daniel John Says:

    Make the floor a giant ying yang

  16. Jack Kelty Says:

    Etho can you please play terraria again? I see your pick is eater of words,
    and i loved your las terraria series :) keep up the great content!

  17. Levi Campbell Says:

    6:58 Etho with music on?

  18. Mystertman85 Says:

    Etho! Tell me if you drink your coffee with milk or sugar because if you do
    then you should absolutely start drinking just black coffeee! I loved
    coffee when I drinked it with milk but now I can’t even describe how much I
    love that beautiful product! This is just a tip for you and if you already
    drink your coffee without milk then this is useless. :D

  19. Vinz Music Says:

    6:58 why is there suddenly music?

  20. Nathan W Says:

    Etho, you said when you started the man cave that you weren’t going to use
    torches to light up any part of the mancave, but I see torches around the
    man cave all the time! Also, I think you should do a live stream for
    episode 400

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