Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 397: Life Changer

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 397: Life ChangerMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we begin planning and building the mob arena; and of course… I can’t resist trying it out before it is finished. Twitter:…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 397: Life Changer”

  1. StrictFocus Says:

    89% of youtube users surveyed cannot say the opposite of these words in
    under 20 seconds.


  2. Altarrel Says:

    Etho, I think you should make a system for killing all the extra mobs from
    the waves if you do that idea of the wave ending when you get enough mob
    drops. Maybe there will be a safe point near the thing you feed the drops
    to that has a button that opens the floor. The button wouldn’t do anything
    unless you had finished the wave.

  3. Osvaldas LT Says:

    As a player of UHC, I would say- *FLINT FARMING*… Obsidian is fine,
    because most of the time you start mining obsidian after you get diamonds,
    and after getting diamonds on UHC you dont care about the time, more about
    the fact that you’re getting enchants (I make portals without a pick) 

  4. paintlen Says:

    Time to start a comment war. God isn’t real, anyone who believes otherwise
    is wrong :)

  5. Gert Verhoek Says:

    What about a haste beacon at the obsidian farm
    Its an easy thing to do but it will help

  6. Varga Dániel Says:

    That joke was terrible Etho. Oh my God :D 

  7. Some Weird Hocotatian Says:

    You know what’s even funnier than 24?


  8. anton van Es Says:

    Hey etho,

    I think it would be cool if you have rounds of mobs on a timer, and when
    you kill all mobs in a round, you have some time to go to a shop and trade
    mob drops for thing like food, potions or better weapons.

    You may be able to build a redstone contraption to do this, or do it by

    And of course the mobs get stronger each round. You can dispense a speed or
    strength potion into them just before releasing the mobs.

  9. Jared Blackburn Says:

    In MineFantasy zombies can somtimes be faster than you since armor is
    slowing, so if you’re heavily armored its really hard to escape by running
    (and in MineFantasy II zombies will block and score criticals, and get more
    armor, plus it will have a stamina system like Skyrim — so it gets really
    hard). As a result, I wear light armor, its actually easier than with lots
    of strong armor.

  10. noah ferguson Says:

    you should see how many redstone blocks youve broken!

  11. TheFinninja Says:

    Hey Etho! Yes you, since the railroad track to the stronghold base gets so
    little use you could make it look like it has collapsed and make it a part
    of the arena. Keep up the creation of creative creations.

  12. Stijn's Gamekanaal | Minecraft & meer! Says:

    Hey Etho, I have a idea: when you start in the arena, you’ll get equiped
    with a stone sword and gold armor (this doesn’t have to be this set up, do
    whatever you like) and after each wave, you can buy upgrades with your
    collected rotten flesh. You can buy swords, potions, armor and enderpearls.
    After each wave, the mobs get harder and you get upgraded untill you lose.
    (Sorry for any grammer/vocabulary mistakes)

  13. Verlisify Says:

    I think mining obsidian is everyone’s least favorite thing

  14. Nicowitsz Says:

    Hello Etho. I was wondering around your videos, and i was a bit lost. The
    reason why, is that i saw you had no thumbnails? And when it comes to
    editting you never seem to do timelapses? I dont know if it’s just me who’s
    really lost here. Well if anyone can explain why please tell me :) 

  15. IgnatzKolisch Says:

    Wait. I don’t get it. First, how do you get Kanji/Hanzhi into Minecraft?
    And second, what does the name of that sword mean?
    千鳥? I know both characters, but the combination makes no sense to me. A
    thousand birds??? Is it a reference to the Hitchcock film ‘The Birds’, and
    how they kill people? I honestly don’t get it. Or is it just two
    randomly-picked characters without knowing what they mean? (No offence,
    I’m just asking)

  16. EthosLab Says:


  17. MrDeathwish Says:

    Etho should start cursing.. And play COD on xbox 1
    We all know he plays cod

  18. Relegence Says:

    God damn it Etho with you and your dad jokes

  19. sawana wana Says:

    Trees grow in the wild
    Torches are made of wood and charcoal
    Both are wood


  20. Cookiebiscuit21 Gaming Says:

    Everyone listen to Brad. If everybody who watches this video and has a
    YouTube account likes it, then it will be more and more recommend and more
    people will watch it in his fanbase and soon we might get it a million
    views. Then it will be recommended for non-fans, and Ethos fanbase will
    grow, forcing him to show us his face! >:). I was kidding on that last
    note, Etho, as I think the mystery keeps me gripped to watching every
    video, but I’m sure you get my point!

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