Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 396: Hyper Speed Piggy

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 396: Hyper Speed PiggyMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we check out some more changes I’ve made to the nether hub, fine tune the old mushroom farm, and then play around with some ideas for a rube goldberg…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 396: Hyper Speed Piggy”

  1. matthew Duffy Says:

    Last few videos in all the series have been a little on the boring side &
    lazy plus every other day aways love ur. Work i know internet been bad just
    hope it gets better 

  2. delapidatedunicorn Says:

    Etho do what you want babe don’t listen to the haters. Whatever you think
    looks good is the best thing you can go with <3.

  3. hypersonicguy Says:

    an idea for the arena, start out with leather armor and basic weapons, then
    slowly over time upgrade yourself by using whatever zombie flesh or bones,
    etc. to open up little upgrade stations containing supplys such as iron
    swords, lapiz, enchantment table, anvils, etc. until you become op. this is
    just an idea :P

  4. Make A Mark Says:

    Since nobody will probably read this…
    Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, I fill my bathtub with just
    a bit of water, and I flop around in it, pretending I’m a beached whale.

  5. EthosLab Says:
  6. Tyler Petrillo Says:

    3 more episodes till 400!!!!!!
    I can’t wait for something cool!

  7. Jessie P Says:

    etho, make things that achually affect your gameplay, I remember when i use
    to love it when you made things that made your life easy when playing but
    now it just seems like all your projects have no “purpose”

  8. Bill383 Says:

    Hey etho! Make random holes trapdoors that opn either with trapdoors or

  9. gamerguyx095 Says:

    As for the cascade thing can’t you just place non-gravity-affected blocks
    underneath the mass of sand and then have pistons push them out in whatever
    order you want?

  10. wolfmann Says:

    Hey Etho, I think a cool idea for the arena would be make the floor out of
    obsidian and place redstone torches underneath them and then have a
    constant stream of mobs coming in with you having to use TNT to kill them
    without blowing yourself up in the process.

  11. Olga K Says:

    For the arena you could have random events, like
    -Potion rain (since poison&harm harms you and heals undead but harms
    spiders and creepers and speed works both on you and enemy ) ( and it’s the
    perfect occasion to put your automatic brewery to good use ) ,
    -a Volcano ( you make the lava flow through the arena ) ,
    -Floods ( dispensers with buckets make it harder to move ) ,
    -Safe places that are only accessible for short periods ( like a cave
    entrance blocked most of the time or that can only be accessed when pistons
    extend blocks on a wall)

    I love the idea someone else in the comments had about getting enchant
    books and having to gain the xp. I imagine it like a spot where a dropper
    drops an enchanted book on a blocked hopper and you only have limited time
    to retrieve it. You could put lights and music there too !
    Love your videos. 

  12. The illuminati Says:

    With the arena you should have 2 sides, ice and fire

  13. TinySlimy64 Says:

    Hey etho, for the mob arena, you should have a currency system somehow.
    Like you start with leather armor and a wood sword, but the more zombie
    flesh or bones you get you can eventually upgrade to gold, stone sword,
    etc. Or separately upgrade the sword with, say, rotten flesh, and you
    upgrade armor with gunpowder. Also, the upgrade station should be hard to
    reach, and there’s maybe a parkour part to get to there. You could throw
    the flesh/bones in a hopper and take what you want to upgrade from a chest,
    or make a fancy redstone thing to detect when you have enough. Loving the
    vids, stoked for episode 400! :D 

  14. Jeffrey Soong Says:

    I think the trick you were trying to do with 2-tall flowers were meant to
    work with 2 tall grass. I’m not sure if they patched it, but it’s worth a

  15. ThimbleStudios Says:

    Make an obstacle course like the police might employ, so that as you run
    the course you kill the mobs… and yes, there are many examples of a
    Rube-Goldberg Machines even in Minecraft, for example, most people that try
    to make a simple 100% efficient chicken farm end up with an overblown
    redstone adventure and 95% of it ends up wasteful. Witch Farms too, ever
    wonder what all that piano-like floor shifting stuff is for? Most of it is
    unessecary, or could be done with far less crap.
    PS- Don’t do drugs, drugs are bad.

  16. Muffindacabage Says:

    Etho, as ep 420 draws closer and closer and it seems that this year will be
    the year that weed is legalized in Canada, would you smoke weed and record
    for ep 420? just asking and if anyone disagrees please keep it to yourself
    im very serious about this request!. 

  17. AxjZOne Says:

    I know it might just not work out, but I had one idea:
    Sustain yourself with the stuff you get. You regularly get stuff from these
    mobs, and I would be interested to see if just equipping yourself with a
    wooden sword at the beginning would get you far, as mobs would give you
    armor, bows, etc.

    That would be cool.

  18. Sivaprasad Eyyani Says:

    Hey etho how did you name your sword in japanese ??? Please tell me pretty 

  19. Feodor Volg Says:

    Hey Etho! To make the arena more interesting, you could try to sort the
    mobs apart from each other and have different waves of enemies. First wave
    could be just zombies or something, then second wave could have skeletons,
    ect…. In the arena itself you can have a small pixel art of each mob and
    have it light up depending on which mob will be in that wave (if that makes
    any sense.)

    You can also try adding a wither boss that automatically gets created (with
    a piston pushing the last head into place) for the boss battle, say wave 10
    or so.

  20. Color Box Says:


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