Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 395: Weird Style

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 395: Weird StyleMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we work on the flying sheep farm some more and then look into upgrading the nether hub. Twitter: TwitchTV:…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 395: Weird Style”

  1. Pika Chu Says:

    For the nether hub I think that it would be really cool if you made it so
    that the ice kind of expands upwards, sort of like upside down ice roots on
    the ceiling. a funnel of ice!!!

  2. SmartBored Says:

    Hey etho! I was just wondering whether or not you wanted to do a
    Youtube-to-fan activity. Examples would be like playing a UHC with some of
    your fans (doing like a contest or something) or inviting someone to be
    like a guest to your world. Be sure to backup your world in case he grabs
    tnt and starts blowing stuff up xD

    But you should do an interactive activity once in a while with your fans!
    Not many youtubers do that and it bothers me. It makes me think that they
    think they’re too good for us :(

  3. Cameron Gray Says:

    Did anyone else notice the name of Etho’s sword?

  4. Craig Shepherd Says:

    i think the floor has a little too much contrast. maybe use blocks with
    similar color and texture.

  5. Jason Fitzpatrick Says:

    Did anyone else notice Etho’s sword name? (13:41)

  6. James Brennan Says:

    Etho did you name the chickens, otherwise they will de-spawn 

  7. Gavin Walker Says:

    I like the nether hub… *alot*… but like other people are saying, the
    ice has got to go. quartz would look great there though.

    Edit: If you do switch the ice, or even if you dont… you should move the
    ice on the ceiling up one block, or if quarts you could use slabs if it
    seems to tall… i just seems too flat to me

  8. plette64 Says:

    Instead of ice it might be a good idea to bring in a different color.
    Something which goes well with purple, yellow and dark red. Hm, maybe
    something red-ish. Something that looks a bit solid strong, stone-like.
    Just a little bit different from netherrack. Something with a texture like
    andesite. They should add something like that in the game. That would look
    great, don’t you think ;)?

  9. The Great XPGS Says:

    Hey Etho: whats the end game achievement for this series, will it end to
    that achievement?

  10. qwerty222999 Says:

    Sandstone and purple wool is not as weird a combination as you think.
    Purple goes well in contrast with yellow, and sandstone is quite a
    yellowish colour.

  11. Alexandra Frey88 Says:

    I think that the nether Hub is not shabby at all. But if you don’t care and
    don’t mind. You should extend the roof And keep brining it in every two
    blocks up. And put a mine carts on the top and the mine carts will turn on
    the lights. And you have lighting and realy cool Looking mine cart thing.
    Ohh and make every other one go a diff way. 

  12. EthosLab Says:
  13. sleepy lemon Says:

    mah i’s hert sor bud
    nut messi ise?blrugh

  14. TristanBomb Says:

    I love everything you did in the Nether except the floor: the nexus in the
    middle, the roof, the lamps, the ice… but the shapes on the floor
    contrast too much. Maybe you should leave it plain, because, if I have to
    be brutally honest, the floor is ugly. Sorry! 

  15. JIG SAW Says:

    I actually think the netherhub looks pretty good! Keep up the good work

  16. lijah owsley Says:

    Top Ten Facts That I Know About You
    1.You are reading this
    2.You can’t say the letter ‘m’ without touching your lips
    3.You just tried it
    4.Your smiling
    6. Your smiling or laughing again
    7.You didn’t notice I missed fact 5
    8.You just checked it
    9.You smiling…AGAIN
    10.You carry on reading the comments.
    Please, this is just for fun, don’t take it seriously

  17. Benngalaska ⁣ Says:


  18. Robert Morris Says:

    The netherhub looks good, did you try quartz instead of ice? I think that
    would look great.

  19. Paul Amerson Says:

    Hi Etho. In regards to the nether hub. you have been in your Lp world for a
    long time. and if you are used to the look of exposed nether but you also
    want a finished look. perhaps you could go for an antiquated look like at
    one time the nether hub was finished but its has been neglected and is
    falling apart. You could build it as though the nether is pushing thur the
    finished build and the entire hub is in disrepair. Might make for a really
    good theme that is still a busy theme.

    Also I think you used purple wool for color but now I think its holding
    your building creativity back and you should replace it with an upgrade to
    Purple Stained Clay.

    Keep the Nether brick and the sand stone slab floor. Those look Good
    together, but break up the floor with some exposed Nether rack and go ahead
    and make your dome (Nether brick???) ceiling but break up the dome with
    more exposed Nether rack. :)

    [Maybe the dome ceiling was once Nether brick but the Nether rack is alive
    and it push thur and Glow stone is hanging in an organic way inside the
    nether hub helping with the lighting.]

    Your Nether tunnel look good as it is but you could just finish the theme
    of making it look worn down by having exposed Nether rack and then you
    could add Crack stone bricks as well just to break up the pattern.

    Purple stained glass might enhance the over all look of the nether hub
    tunnel as well.

    and it might be strange I dont know but perhaps you could try adding pack
    ice into your sand stone. I think you were right about the unbroken pattern
    with the sandstone floor and pack Ice seem to have that same unbroken

    Pack Ice, Snow, Sandstone, Purple Stand clay, Nether brick, Netherrack,
    Stone brick, Crack stone brick, Iron bars, and Purple Glass, as well as
    Redstone lamps and maybe Sea-lantern blocks? If used wisely could for the
    foundation of all of your nether builds not just the Nether hub.

    I think your Mindcrack builds and Ethocorp style look good and you should
    use it more often instead of worrying that it will get repetitive. Its
    Etho’s style. :)

  20. AlexerDoesGames Says:

    Etho the things on the ground in the nether hub did me remind of unknow
    from pokemon lol 

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