Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 394: Flying Sheep Farm

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 394: Flying Sheep FarmMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we take a look at what I’ve done with the Simon memory game, and then we start developing a flying sheep farm at the amplified base. Twitter:…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 394: Flying Sheep Farm”

  1. Ze Randomz Says:

    Episode 400, open the diamond door in the mountain near the “You’ve been
    Etho’d’ sign! Please I’ve been dying to see what lies behind!

  2. JMW1906 Says:

    Minecraft is updating one layer after the other and on each layer its
    updating each Row (on x-coordinate) and in each Row it updates every Block
    after each other.
    I hope you understand what I mean. There is always the same order of
    updating the blocks.
    You can use that to do what you are doing with Redstone but its all in 1
    GameTick and you only have to lock the
    hopper/power the dropper.

    But you have to Build all the hopper/dropper in 1 Chunk, otherwise the
    order gets messed up!
    If you have questions ask them. I will try to answer them.

  3. Valentino Aguiar Says:


  4. MrAntice Says:

    Hey Etho.
    A suggestion for your sheepfarm on rails idea.
    If you make a spot for each sheep, and then activate each spot in sequence,
    you will get a sheep with almost perfect regularity entering the launcher.
    the sheep are the token ring counter item, so whenever a pen is empty (the
    piston sending the sheep is extended), you could combine it with a pulse
    from the sheep launcher to advance it to the next sheep(piston) and so on.
    the beauty of this, is that you can extend it to as many sheep as you like,
    you can even stack the sheep vertically as long as there is enough grass
    blocks to keep regrowing them in each floor of sheep.

  5. calex1290 Says:

    Omg, we now can confirm that etho has elbows

  6. Jay Bee Says:

    For episode 400, burn 400 blue shiny rocks or 400 granite.

  7. Osian leahy Says:

    For Episode 400 you should do a livestream! You Have EthoTV, but you never
    use it, Also a Q and A would be cool during the stream. As for what you
    could do in the stream I would suggest working on making the gold farm a
    actual building. Finally it would be great if the stream could be on a
    weekend (mainly because many people have school and work). 

  8. MineCrusher Says:

    Building your own face in a pixelart just like seth did of Guude. Haha, the
    less pixel, the more people will rage :D

  9. xmashat Says:

    I’m not sure how easy this would be to do. But what if you had someone you
    really trusted come on your world and put little Easter eggs that you’d
    have to find. The Easter eggs could be something about really early
    episodes, such as why there are fences under the dirt in the cow farm. And
    then when you went on a world tour it would have to be a really in depth
    one to find all the Easter eggs :D

  10. TrowaPX Says:

    If you are a true fan of Etho you shouldnt be asking to see his face. He
    has said numerous times that he did not wish to do so as it adds nothing to
    his series.

    Etho I think you should complete the Nexus for episode 400 and I mean
    really complete it. Move everything inside, Up and running, complete with
    an outside skin. I suggest maybe a ruin as you already have it halfway
    sunken into a mountain you could go with a forgotten city theme. You could
    blow up your world in a backup as a bonus but Id really like to see a ton
    of progress on one of your big projects.

  11. Edizo Hades Says:

    Just shut up with the “FACE CAM” Comments. He does NOT HAVE TOO. It pisses
    me off that you cannot just leave it ALOOOONE.

  12. Downgii Says:

    Why do you not just use one Minecart and throw the sheep after shearing out
    with an activator rail? It can pick up another one after that and so on…

  13. Z-Alfred Says:

    Etho are you only playing at the singleplayer worlds? Or do you play like
    on mineplex?

  14. Charlie Brown Says:

    We Brits call it ‘Simon Says’, and we have it so that a leader says, ‘Simon
    says…’, and then an action, like ‘Sit on the floor!’, and we would have
    to copy. But if the leader does not say, ‘Simon says’ before the action,
    you remain doing what you did before. If you are not fast enough to do the
    actions, or you change to the action that Simon didn’t want you to go to,
    you are out.
    It’s relatively fun, but we used to play it all the time in ‘Primary

  15. EthosLab Says:
  16. Alex Krasikow Says:

    Whats wrong with being Alex? R u a H8r?

  17. You_Faaaaag Says:

    For episode 400, start a new world with the same seed as your LP world and
    give a tour of where your stuff would be and realize the damage and changes
    you have made. 

  18. Isaac Collis Says:

    Instead of doing a face cam, I think you should do a vlog of your gaming
    setup, without showing your face, just to taunt everybody.

  19. Ralfred Says:

    For Episode 400: fight against 4 Withers. Sry for my bad english.

  20. Johnny Star Says:

    Hey Etho!! Great Vid!! I am new to your channel and was wondering if you’ve
    built an iron golem farm? I know u have an infinite gold farm so i thought
    an infinite iron farm would be a cool project! If you’ve already built one
    can u or anyone else tell me which episode it was, I’d like to watch!!
    Anyways, keep up the great vids!!

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