Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 393: Game Zone

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 393: Game ZoneMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we look into how we will organize the nexus, and then we start figuring out the logic to a Simon Says game. Twitter:…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 393: Game Zone”

  1. FogLander Says:

    Team canada! CTM maps!

  2. Kenny Hobson Says:

    if u guys pause at the right time at 14:54 you will see that ethos sword is
    in like a asian language does anyone know what it says?

  3. zyxtaine Says:

    You should call the games area “Ethopia”, unless you’ve already used that,
    I can’t remember

  4. Firelazer Says:

    Lol Etho that game is not called simon seaz. simon seaz is when like i say
    simion seaz and then an action and you have to do it and if i dont say
    simion seaz before it you dont do it lol :D

  5. Lyx V.R. Says:

    Etho, from what point do you ban people for instance: “If I say f*ck” …
    I’m curious because I’m scared to comment now these days …
    Btw don’t ban me please :(

  6. mojang master Says:

    Hey Etho! Its been a long time since you did terraformacraft. Did something
    happened to it or does it crash your game a lot? I don’t know but I hope
    that you will continue the series and have a good day! By the way keep up
    the good work!

  7. Chloe Q Says:

    Etho, would you or have you played on any server? If you do, what servers
    do you play on?

  8. ChauNyan Says:

    I can imagine Etho fan girl imagining the face palm sound to be the sound
    of Etho spanking them.

  9. Richard Yi Says:

    The way I have played Simon Says is a mind game.
    The “Simon” would say a phrase, and depending on if it started with “Simon
    says…”, the other people would have to do that action, otherwise the
    people who did the wrong thing would be “out”.
    Simon says touch your feet
    *[everyone touches feet]*
    Simon says touch your nose
    *[everyone touches nose]*
    Now touch your knees
    *[one or two people touch their knees: they are “out”]*

  10. Aqua Lord Typhon Says:

    This project is pretty amazing, you have managed to make the equivilent of
    an ME system with four 16k drives in vanilla minecraft!

  11. AceandDuce Says:


  12. xisumavoid Says:

    Should of half slabbed that cobblestone man.. Save resources! joking :-P

  13. Youtube 101 Says:

    Hey etho how come you do not use thumbnails for your videos 

  14. SupermanSerna12 Says:

    Hey Etho, I’m hearing some news about a new and more difficult boss coming
    back to The End, are you concerned about your projects in the end might be
    destroyed if you fight it?

  15. dragonigthFX Says:

    To people wondering what his sword is called, I’m no Japanese, with some
    research, I think it’s 千易 meaning “Thousand goods”, which makes sense
    considering it’s probably a looting sword because of how he used it at the
    enderman farm. Although, I may be wrong.

  16. Tanner69046 Says:

    etho for a smaller barrel (yours is really tall) you could have the doors
    half burried into the ground and one side in a hill side.

  17. TheMiniMite Says:

    Etho is illuminati because 1985+30=2015 2015 has 4 numbers and starts with
    2 4+2=6
    6×111=665 illuminati confirmed 

  18. EthosLab Says:
  19. billy joe Says:

    lol is simon says different in canada or is my entire childhood just a

  20. natin notrez Says:

    to get 21 items of one stack you left click and drag for 3 slots, it will
    make 3*21 and 1left

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