Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 392: Book Matrix

Etho Plays Minecraft - Episode 392: Book MatrixMinecraft survival. In this Minecraft episode we finish setting up the book storage and request system at the library. Then we focus on adding some more detail to Sandy City. Twitter: http://www.t…

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20 Responses to “Etho Plays Minecraft – Episode 392: Book Matrix”

  1. ChrisTheAppleOne Says:

    Replying to that other comment… maybe you could fit dispensers, instead
    of pistons to stop the lava? I’m sure you could fit dispensers in that
    space, at the top of the face. Then just put a button on the inside and
    outside the creeper face! ;) 

  2. SneakyNinya Says:

    the library carpet looks like the uchiha symbol

  3. MuffinzGoneWild Says:

    Etho, Maybe in the desert town you should have a Saloon called the Sandy or
    Sun Burned Saloon, a gambling house called the Golden Gambler, a hotel
    called the Hot Hotel, and a bank (which I can’t think of a good name
    for). Also you should think of making a water bank, kind of like the movie
    Rango, but you wouldn’t need that unless you got rid of the well :)

  4. NoMercy8008 Says:

    great episode, etho, thanks a lot! <3 really,r eally love and appreciate
    your work :)

    i’d like to say a few things:
    a) regarding that creeper face lava thing: there’s not enough space for
    pistons, but did you try dispensers with lava buckets in them? i think i
    shouldn’t take too long for the lava to vanish, after the buckets in the
    dispensers picked them up, so that the “gate” opens, if you know what i
    b) that “barrel” totally looks not like a barrel, it looks .. wrong. that’s
    not a complaint, i’m just telling my opinion, but for me it looks like
    these little toilet house thingies .. i don’t really know how you call them
    in english, but I’m sure you know what i mean .. or maybe you don’t want to
    know ^.^
    c) why should there be a melon/cactus fruit next to a clothes/armor vendor?
    what would probably be a good idea is to make like another small booth that
    sells like fruits and stuff, which wold be a perfect place to put some
    decorative melons, but in my opinion it doesn’t really make sense having
    one next to the armorer, you know.
    aaaaand d) you tried using bookshelves for the book matrix, which is a good
    idea, but i’d suggest also trying out stairs instead of the bookcases. i
    think that would look just a bit better and maybe it’d also be a bit easier
    to acess the droppers :)

  5. Bunni-chan Says:

    In the U.S., we say booths the same way you did in the video. However, in
    the U.K., they would more likely use a “ð” sound, which is the voiced
    version of th. A good way to think it is the difference between breath and
    breathe. People in the U.K. would use the “breathe” form of “th” for
    booths. If you struggle with the unvoiced form (θ) then just voice it :D

  6. Tantrum Turtwig Says:

    Hey etho, im guessing the answer is going to be no but have you watched
    naruto? On the slight chance you do watch naruto maybe you could build
    something themed around it? Keep up the good work!

  7. Talon2863 Says:

    Hey Etho thanks for doing a redstone video. I (and presumably some others)
    prefer it over the building videos. So thanks for the overall variety of
    your content (and the cleanliness, if you know what I mean).
    Also I thought I’d ask the question that’s burning in everyone’s minds: Are
    you going to minecon? (Incognito, part of Mindcrack, or not at all) I
    myself am not going but I’m sure many others are and would like to know.

  8. Bat Viking Says:

    Try replacing half slab on the barrel with a pressure plate.

  9. Blaze Fireheart Says:

    Hey Etho, your library is good for enchanting and organizing. What about
    being an actual library? Can you make a thing to check out books that you
    can actually read? Like books that might contain your best knock knock joke
    or a scary story. It would be fun :)

  10. David Henderson Says:

    Couple of ideas: 1) I think it would be cool to have a jail cell in the
    desert village 2) Maybe you could put some hoppers in the bottom of the
    well and filter it into some sort of storage. I always love when aesthetic
    items are also functional. Loving these videos lately. We can all tell you
    are putting in the extra effort to bring us great content! 

  11. Rick McDick Says:

    Wow! You SUCK at UHC!

    Just disliking real quick and flagging the video for child abuse because
    your parents OBVIOUSLY beat you as a kid.

  12. Im Steezy Says:

    I didn’t wath your videos for over a year so i missed a lot, and i caught
    up to it in 2 weeks! I love your video’s etho and i can clearly see how
    much you have progressed over time. I have 1 question for you. Do you also
    think it would be nice if you could store XP in bottles (they would become
    bottles ‘o enchanting) and then you could put a despenser by your
    enchanting table for it. Also you wouldn’t walk around with unnecessairy XP

  13. Gabriel Benchimol Says:

    Hey Etho, maybe you could ask SethBling to help you build your spaceship
    and give you ideas. He built the enterprise from Star Treck, (I could be

  14. Squid MC Says:

    Hey, Etho, You should begin with that one cave ending thing where it just
    ends in a cave, I dont no exactly where it is but its somewhere near the
    enchanting table where its just not finished yet, you should do that, Also
    i have a question:
    Why is you’re LP count from episodes so like your old broken world still
    gets counted here, Without that one it has like 250 episodes or 300 right?
    I have no idea why you did that, its with mindcrack too, you dont do like
    the Season 5 episode 3 or something, just mindcrack episode 100 or
    something (Note these are just random numbers) and mindcrack, what about
    that? It has been active lately and i like to watch your mindcrack
    episodes, Can you please answer this? Thank you and keep up the great work!
    Greetings TheScammer.

  15. EthosLab Says:
  16. x^3 MC Says:

    Hey Etho! Instead of building the gold farm into a space ship you could
    build it into a rocket on a launch pad. Of course this would take a lot of
    time but it’s kind of in the shape of a rocket anyway. Thanks for the
    videos keep up the awesome videos.

  17. Oscar Herrick Says:

    Pause at 13:20 and look at the name of the sword… Dafuq?

  18. LuKiSCraft Says:

    Inertia is an object’s resistance to acceleration due to a force.
    Technically it’s the momentum of the books that would carry them the length
    of the ice, not inertia.

  19. Chris Robinson Says:

    Etho, I think a lot of people would enjoy if you recorded a short minecrack
    video for an update of whats going on on the sever then maybe go abba rules
    caving with Beef

  20. DaanVD Says:

    i feel like you should make the enchanted books route into the right chests
    automatically and all that but that might be overkill :P

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