Zipper-Rail Hidden Doorway Tutorial

Zipper-Rail Hidden Doorway TutorialA video tutorial of a design of mine that got featured (poorly might I add) during Redstone Wars. It combines a hidden doorway with a powered rail track. It can be used in a variety of ways including totally being concealed with a rail switcher strategically placed alongside the opening. Be creative ;) Donate:

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Filed under roboticaust : Comments (20) : Feb 17th, 2012

20 Responses to “Zipper-Rail Hidden Doorway Tutorial”

  1. roboticaust Says:

    I actually have like 2 times the current count in private because they are old and get trolled due to things becoming common knowledge over the course of a few months. Personally got sick of reading the bullshit comments.

  2. Iburinoc Says:

    @roboticaust It was a bit hard to do, had to modify it so it wouldn’t act like an AND gate, but rather many NOR gates, but overall wasn’t too hard.

  3. roboticaust Says:

    I know he does. He’s the reason I have that habit ;p

  4. roboticaust Says:

    I had a massive cannon and a bud switch array with a binary counter, but I totally wasted too much time goofing up a 5 minute build to have any time for that stuff >.<

  5. MrWoodsti Says:

    “So .. take that .. prrrrt” lol ;p
    You are funny you know ;p I like your style hehe
    Oh and I like what you did with my spiral door ! Really really ingenious design seriously ! I love youtube for that and I love even more Roboticaust for that ;p

  6. MinecreftTakeover Says:

    Please make a tutorial for the secret spiral piston for. PLEASE I WANT TO KNOW HOW. Great design btw :)

  7. Iburinoc Says:

    @roboticaust Ya, I really enjoy redstone but I need to get used to using coloured wool, I mostly use sandstone for everything and on my complex builds (eg. pong, snake) it can get confusing

  8. roboticaust Says:

    <3 Yeah that spiral door of yours was definitely a favorite of mine and I knew it could be cleaned up for longer stretches of hallway. Not nearly as compact at the first few pistons, but it definitely becomes more compact after that point lol. Also don’t have to play around with avoiding wires ending and needing repeaters to extend their signal while balancing all repeaters after that point around the signal boost. Anyways, feel free to nab that up and make it better :D

  9. darkiboy2 Says:

    Why dont you just put redstone torches to power the rails under the floor so you dont have to put them in the hallway? And you could also have a clean wall without holes in it ^.^ :D

  10. roboticaust Says:

    As the description says, get creative ;p

    Detector rail + blockswapper = full stealth mode

  11. janx1913 Says:

    why does it have to stay on. its cool closing behind you

  12. Screenamerockz Says:

    you have so few videos :(

  13. volnumer Says:

    Thats awesome Tutorial. Hope You win The RedStone Wars! I was going to try and make the spiral door passageway but you already did it. I love it though Mine would be far more complicated. Hope You Come out with more tutorials and such after minecraft gets offically released. Love it. Keep up the good work. Ciao

  14. Iburinoc Says:

    I modified your spiral door/passage to work both ways, video will be up soon!

  15. Shadekiller666 Says:

    this a cool idea, but its not very secret if you have rails running right into a wall when its closed lol

  16. roboticaust Says:

    I did it that way to make it both more compact and to light it up inside. Kinda like the look it has :)

  17. roboticaust Says:

    I mean as in to give you a chance to pass through. If you want it to close behind you, just set up a detector rail on the exit to trigger the rs-nor to reset ;) Nothing is out of the question with a little redstone logic.

  18. roboticaust Says:

    Yeah, it’s not too hard to do. Wasn’t actually too worried about it since odds are if you are opening it then you will be on the other side when you close it; and that other side looks spiraled upon closing anyways. The design was just to amuse myself, not really to utilize in any way. But if people want to snag it and do something with it, then by all means snag away :)

  19. Shadekiller666 Says:

    @roboticaust what were your other parts that you had planned for the redstone wars?

  20. roboticaust Says:


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