WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 9] – Immortal

WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 9] - ImmortalSubscribe for new Minecraft videos every Tuesday and Friday! I’m fairly active on twitter nowadays, follow me on there! I’m always happy to answer questions or reply to messages. Twitter:…

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13 Responses to “WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 9] – Immortal”

  1. MrAdamXD Says:

    Hey John, have fun is Thailand and Japan. :)

  2. No1Ako Says:

    Please Move the Intro From Fail Adventures to Here, It’s real relaxing
    and reminds of old times :))

  3. HumblePie Says:

    gj on this!

  4. NaDreamer Says:

    Nice vid

  5. MagicalTourtoise Says:

    ‘Maybe my world is in Wales!’ Every episode you say something too funny for
    my feeble mortal mind to comprehend

  6. Brandon Green Says:

    does anyone want to join my clan reply if interested

  7. kappervsbaby Says:

    Instead of having the water at the bottom have it just above the mobs with
    a sign underneath, so when the mobs fall they land in 1 layer of water and
    thus lose no health from fall damage.

  8. sonic meerkat Says:

    If you combine 2 efficiency 4 picks on an anvil, you can get efficiency 5.
    Same thing with the other enchanted items, combine 2 of the same LVL to get
    a higher LVL.

  9. WtfMinecraft Says:
  10. TheTabztar Says:

    Well do you Remember me?
    And my Fav series is still The fail adventures 

  11. sonic meerkat Says:

    Ho my, he hasn’t heard of the chicken jockey.

  12. michell616 Says:

    John don’t forget to bring some freaky/weird stuff back with you

  13. Patric Svensson Says:

    Nice to see you doing videos again! have a good trip!

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