WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 8] – Mortal

WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 8] - MortalSubscribe for new Minecraft videos every Tuesday and Friday! I’m fairly active on twitter nowadays, follow me on there! I’m always happy to answer questions or reply to messages. Twitter:…

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7 Responses to “WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 8] – Mortal”

  1. WtfMinecraft Says:
  2. Andrew Heilborn Says:

    Creepers are made of peat moss, which contains sulfur and will explode to
    spread its seed. It actually makes a scary amount of sense that Creepers
    would do what they do, and would in fact be as powerful as they are

  3. gerardoivan15 Says:


  4. sonic meerkat Says:

    Place a platform 1block below water so u can jump to the bottom without
    taking fall damage. U no need to make it 2 deep anymore they changed it so
    1deep does the trick. Nice to see u back on YouTube, your one of my
    favorite youtubers.

  5. Harry Morris Says:

    First?, Cant believe your really doing Youtube again John!

  6. MagicalTourtoise Says:

    I literally laughed out loud when you just survived, then got blown up by a
    creeper xD but I really enjoyed this video, Fail adventures has returned!

  7. Corbin13ftw Says:

    Bro you deserve way more views your fucking crack up. xD hilarious!!!

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