WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 5] – Technical

WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 5] - TechnicalSubscribe for new Minecraft videos every Tuesday and Friday! I’m fairly active on twitter nowadays, follow me on there! I’m always happy to answer questions or reply to messages. Twitter:…

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7 Responses to “WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 5] – Technical”

  1. Tom Stuart Says:

    Is there any way to donate money to you? Love the vids like always

  2. cocakolalight Says:

    Just to say slimes now spawn in swamps

  3. littledorpc Says:

    Awesome video. =)

  4. a-a ron Says:


  5. kyle downey Says:

    Thought your you were not going on YouTube for about 2 years I’m crying
    actually crying now that your uploading

  6. WtfMinecraft Says:
  7. GameChaser2011 Says:

    I just tab out and listen to you because your commentary is calm and nice
    to listen to while I do other stuff

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