WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 4] – Ugly

WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 4] - UglySubscribe for new Minecraft videos every Tuesday and Friday! I’m fairly active on twitter nowadays, follow me on there! I’m always happy to answer questions or reply to messages. Twitter:…

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10 Responses to “WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 4] – Ugly”

  1. RAFbatman Says: you can catch
    enchanted items with fishing rods.

  2. Plum Bud Says:

    It Wasn’t too ugly tho, it had the function at least :)

  3. Tom Stuart Says:

    Love what you’ve done with the place

  4. Madebymeprod Says:

    Yayyy John is back

  5. Teh TheSlime Says:

    It was a war, lol nice job on the mob spawner, you seem to be working
    pretty hard on your world john good job

  6. jakubbt123 Says:

    U are back.. :D

  7. WtfMinecraft Says:
  8. Own3rTV Says:

    Glad to see you’re back man! Hopefully you’ll stay :p

  9. Phenix2828 Says:

    can you tell me the what you do too make the portals link together like
    that mine always take to the wrong place

  10. RAFbatman Says:

    just a suggestion: I think your house might look better if you added a cage
    of smoothstone slabs around it like this

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