WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 2] – King Leonidas’ Twin

WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 2] - King Leonidas' TwinThank you for all the support on the last video! I’m fairly active on twitter nowadays, follow me on there! I’m always happy to answer questions or reply to messages. Twitter:…

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18 Responses to “WtfMinecraft Plays Minecraft [Episode 2] – King Leonidas’ Twin”

  1. Wendy Mask Says:

    Great job John keep up the great work and keep uploading.Tons of people
    love u an ur vids so pls keep posting and remember that. Keep up the great

  2. cocakolalight Says:

    great your back and can you consider making more castle story?

  3. MR_MM99 Says:

    Yay :D another episode

  4. WtfMinecraft Says:
  5. MCRhcp96 Says:

    I am a god. I am not a god. I am definitely definitely not a god.

  6. josefrangl Says:

    Wow John great to have you back!

  7. TurtleIslandCast Says:

    Q and A sory

  8. MR_MM99 Says:

    Where did you go to the game-university? (Where you learned about making
    games) It might (of course) be one or more universities like that in every
    country, but where did you go?

  9. Tom Stuart Says:

    Why barely any views for the best minecrafter out there? Love the videos,
    watched all of your ‘fail series’ about 3 times and keep up the

  10. dossod Says:

    Do a minecart system for moving around the mountain if you find a abandoned
    mine shaft you can use the track in the mineshaft to build it

  11. TurtleIslandCast Says:

    John can you do a Q.N.A plz

  12. Plum Bud Says:

    I’m so glad Seeing your vids again
    I was watching your vids before without a youtube channel – but now when I
    got one, I can support you alot better ! :)

  13. Obsidian ™|JF Says:

    Very nice vid bro 

  14. Thomas Hagens Says:

    He john i am the biggest fan you have if you had seen you had seen but yeah
    if you didnt
    1. I love you
    2. I have watch all your vids
    3. I would love if you adden me on skype name: thomas_c_held50
    4. Good luck with school and mc
    5. You made me start gaming

  15. Marko Vuković Says:

    Hey John,
    I was wondering if it would be possible that You make “draw my life” video.
    I think that a lot of us here would like to see that :)
    Thank You for every video that You made. Some of them really helped me,
    thank Youu very muuch <3
    Btw greetings from Croatia, and welcome back :)

  16. weaselsdawg Says:

    i still cant believe youre back

  17. TheTabztar Says:


  18. ImissMyRealAccount Says:

    Nice video!

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