Witch Encounter – Minecraft Animation

Witch Encounter - Minecraft AnimationThis witch is brewing up some trouble. Song download Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/witchbc iTunes: Coming soon Twitter: https://twitter.com/Slamacow Facebook: http…

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20 Responses to “Witch Encounter – Minecraft Animation”

  1. Michal Oberreiter Says:

    Best! Cool! Amazing!

  2. Mavex | Keine Intros bis ich meinen neuen PC habe... Says:


  3. YourProGamerHD Says:

    You’re so amazing because i know how much work it is to animate this. I
    respect you because of the much work. You have good ideas and the
    rendertime of this video must be very very long 

  4. jesse greebe Says:

    Nice man

  5. PurplyCloud Says:

    0:52 reference to the channel’s icon ^^ !

  6. licorneneige17 Says:

    EPIIIIIC !!!!

  7. Dalek Craft Says:

    You may not rest now, there’s a dance off nearby

  8. TheMandagusis Says:

    awesome :D

  9. DarkGhostCSS Says:

    That blown my mind :D

  10. DangerDude25 Says:

    Great Job!

  11. MonorissStormrage Says:

    Can someone tell me the song name ? 

  12. Dylan Carroll Says:


  13. Gherkay HD Says:

    1:20 is the funniest dance! xD very good job!

  14. Hobby Pnguin Says:


  15. GoldenPopCorn Says:

    Quite good, slamacow won obviously

  16. HugThePolice Says:


  17. bobbobkilu Says:

    Congrats, Slamacow, you have earned one of my rare likes.

  18. Jan Batagelj Says:

    2:00 music ?

  19. kamisunshine Says:

    Why can’t I like this more I NEEDS MORE LIKE BUTTONS!

  20. Ozillion Says:

    That’s so awesome!

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