WIP Itermediate Train Stations

WIP Itermediate Train StationsJust playing around with a few ideas for intermediate train stations. Find more Minecraft Addict Videos at r/minecraftaddict: www.reddit.com

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6 Responses to “WIP Itermediate Train Stations”

  1. GrenYT Says:

    Loving the vids, keep it up! :D

  2. lightwalk99 Says:

    @Minecraftaddict Do you sometimes lose minecarts to the cactus? In case you do there are ways to line-up the minecart wirth the cactus by using chests as they have the same hitbox as cacti giving you back 100% of the minecarts.

  3. amtra5 Says:

    Itermediate LOL

  4. WorldGames2000 Says:

    good video

  5. Scix Says:

    Good ol’ Itermediate stations…

  6. OMFGcataFAN1 Says:

    As a new subscriber, you’re doing a lot with train stations, any particular reason for that? Not that i don’t like it, just interested.

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