Where the Forest Ends – Minecraft Animation – Slamacow

Where the Forest Ends - Minecraft Animation - SlamacowBart, Dave, and Slama go walking through this forest. A completely normal, foggy, Minecraft forest. Subscribe for more Animations â-» http://bit.ly/slamacowsubscribe Check out my other Minecraft…

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20 Responses to “Where the Forest Ends – Minecraft Animation – Slamacow”

  1. Starius2 Says:

    +Slamacow you guys need to upload more. You’re the only ones who put up
    quality 3d render videos of proper stories and not some bs… You know what
    I’m on about.

    You’ve seen the wasted talent put into crappy Minecraft videos. 

  2. hjklr54679 Says:

    Actually, I’ve witnessed a tree falling. It sounds like the loudest and
    biggest firework with a huge CRAAACK soon after and that thing will
    literally destroy anything in its path. If you were right next to it, and
    weren’t even hit directly, chances are you’d still die. Those things are

  3. RedcapCreations Says:

    The wait was worth it…

  4. PterawolfagonJhelisa Says:

    Am I the only one who noticed that the face of the pumpkin changes?

  5. Spikze Says:

    Yesssssss! A new vid! Finally! 

  6. template93 Says:

    Love the atmosphere you put into this!

    And top notch animation as always!

    ~ hands over internet cookie ~

  7. abdulhamid dawoud Says:

    wtf that’s slamacow on drugs

  8. _MCPotatO_ Says:

    Most of you people are so fudging ignorant! You try making an amazing
    animation in a day! It takes time! Its not even possible to make that good
    of an animation in less than a week! Stop being so dumb in the comments and
    use some logic :/ give Slamacow the time to make amazing animations rather
    than making bad ones and uploading weekly…

  9. FrostFangz Says:

    Wow, this is insanely well done O.o

  10. Minecraftman361- Home to all Creepers - Says:

    the music kinda sounds luigi’s mansion

  11. Green Leprechaun Says:

    Time to wait 3 more fucking years for a new video

  12. Ukashah Hussain Says:

    What program do you use to animate?

  13. tomslw Says:

    Were you on drugs when you made this?

  14. ShadowyMiles Says:

    The colors and animation you did in this astound me… I loved the deep
    hues you got during the dream sequence where it transitioned. The colors
    there were so rich and creepy it was amazing. And I love the fact how it
    related to another video. It was so good, you keep improving with every
    video! I can’t wait to see what you do next, the inspiration you give me is
    just too much. Keep up the great work Slama!

  15. KofiSIce'sGaming Says:

    Slamcow Please make just daily or weekly videos with no effort so you can
    get paid for doing if you explain to your fans that you need to make a
    random video(That could or could not involve animation) now or then, I’m
    sure we’ll understand I for one will watch all of nothing for 10 minutes ,
    if they will get you money.”Added: so you can put your heart and soul into
    videos like so, and make money to keep this going”

  16. Gamer pro Says:

    Can you make your videos Dailey

  17. Pasha Tinkov Says:

    I think this video symbolizes the end of Slamcow’s YouTube career. He runs
    through the Forrest with witches and spiders ( familiar stuff) and the
    video is titled “Where the forest ends”. My view on it

  18. • Cobr4Ttack • Le Cobra FADA ! ™ ❤ Says:

    PERFECT ! 

  19. darkraimaster25 Says:

    what is that song at the beginning and end…I can’t find it on Laura’s
    channel and its not in the description…

  20. Ricardo Ayala Says:


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