Westerado | E02 | “Mah First Bounty!” (1080p Gameplay / Walkthrough)

Westerado | E02 | Let’s play Westerado: Double Barreled! In this episode, Punchwood heads to Clintville and gets his first bounty! â-» Subscribe for more! http://goo.gl/unW7V8 â-» Westerado playlist: http://goo.gl/…

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20 Responses to “Westerado | E02 | “Mah First Bounty!” (1080p Gameplay / Walkthrough)”

  1. Mrab Ezreb Says:

    WOOT! I got in on a video before 301 views! I AM THE 103rd VIEWER! WHOOO!

  2. Triplash42 Says:

    Pablo Punchwood’s great great great great grandfather, eh? Well stranger,
    records were a mite iffy back then, ah reckon, but ah do believe the feller
    yer looking fer went by the name o’ Jedediah.

    Jedediah Punchwood… Bounty Hunter. *rattlesnake sound*

    Now some folks called young Jedediah crazy, see, on account a he thought
    chickens was some kinda spies. T’weren’t nobody’d say it to his face,
    o’course, what with him pullin his gun out all over town fer no good
    reason. But crazy or not, he done cleaned up the town of Clintville right
    good, so in the end they was better off fer havin him around ah spose.

    At least he weren’t that Sheriff McShooty feller. That guy was a right

  3. Freddie Johnson Says:


  4. Harley Lawrence Says:

    Paul, because of these videos I’ve discovered Howard Darby, world record
    holder for quick-draw things. Pretty interesting stuff if you want to check
    it out. Some of his videos are kind of cheesy, in a spaghetti-western kind
    of way, but fun to watch nonetheless.

    Unrelated: I got my Soarvivor shirt in the mail.today and I’m super excited
    about it.

  5. Weekly UltraHardcore Says:

    I love the fake southern accent you use throughout the vid Paul, it’s

  6. Donald Burr Says:

    So, in Westerado, you resume your game at the last bed you slept in?
    Sounds kinda familiar… I think I might have seen that in some other
    something about mining… and crafting… or something like that…

  7. Kelsey Trochez Says:

    paul the chickens in minecraft they work for horblin he somins them

  8. Monty Beecroft Says:

    Thanks paul

  9. SniprSimmons Says:

    Paul when is Paulieontap getting a reboot?

  10. Poopla Says:

    You missed miss triss she was in the saloon 

  11. UnknownSoldier Says:

    Hey Paul have you ever tried Red Dead Redemption? It’s a rated M game but
    one I think you’ll like

  12. Sota Okada Says:


  13. Ryan Deschamps Says:

    East Clintwood :)

  14. jackson smithey Says:

    there were money bags to your left at 15:43

  15. William Saccavino Says:

    Were those weeping angels at 1:40?

  16. Ethan Luce Says:

    you should of named your horse ,scout, after the name your horse in your
    minecraft tutorial series

  17. paulsoaresjr Says:
  18. Alfie Fairhurst Says:

    First comment

  19. Rhino Gamer Says:

    I wasn’t sure if I would continue to enjoy this series after episode one
    but I did!! Keep it up, left a like! :p

  20. nick100mil Says:

    umm… first?

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