VLOG #2 – Last Chance for T-Shirt! Skyrim! Man vs Minecraft!

VLOG #2 - Last Chance for T-Shirt! Skyrim! Man vs Minecraft!VLOG #2! Let’s chat about: last call for Limited Edition t-shirt, the return of Skyrim, and Man vs Minecraft Season 6! Get your Limited Edition “I’m a Soarvivor!” t-shirt before it’s too late!…

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20 Responses to “VLOG #2 – Last Chance for T-Shirt! Skyrim! Man vs Minecraft!”

  1. North Crafter Says:

    Do you Paintball or Airsoft bc I see a Paintball helmet in the back round

  2. Connor Rentz Says:

    I like the vlogs! As long as there is something to talk about you might as
    well make a vlog of it! I’m also really excites and hyped for the new
    season of both man vs minecraft and skyrim. Keep doing what your doing
    because it’s great. Hope you have a great day.

  3. André Rosin Says:

    I would absolutely love a Soarvivor T-shirt, but I won’t buy it for the
    same reason I have not bought anything online for a long while: The dollar
    is very expensive. Like, US$1.00 = about R$3.10 right now (my countrys
    currency), and that’s the lowest it has been in a while. Oh well, too bad.

    Maybe next time, Paul :/

  4. Astrofishisist Says:

    I never expected Paul to be bald… He’s much cooler than I expected 

  5. Kardainz Kardain Says:

    Laughing so Hard, some random guy is actually expecting people will buy
    clothing from them.

  6. Looninjg Says:

    Ordered my shirt yesterday, I’m excited to get it!

  7. andy odee Says:

    3:55 into the video that voice crack is real

  8. Tim Thompson Says:

    This is completely irrelevant to any of the topics in the video, but what
    type of backpack is that hanging in the background? It looks like one
    that’s worth buying! ( I’m looking for a new hiking backpack)

  9. Nathan Sanders Says:

    Woah… you look like Harrison Ford… 

  10. paulsoaresjr Says:

    I’m starting to like this… HELP ME!! :o

  11. SiIentKillerX96 Says:

    Paul, you should grow out your beard, I’ve always wondered how you look
    with a beard/facial hair.

  12. iceberg149 Says:

    Paul Will u be going back to a lot of minecraft in general if u compared
    what ure getting now to mc more would prefer mc. just a suggestion

  13. Johnny Perezlol Says:

    I like your videos and I have watched all of your minecraft videos! I can’t
    wait til minecraft is back! 

  14. CerealScientist Says:

    you seem like a real outdoorsy kind of guy. it might be the hiking bag
    hanging on the doorknob, but i can’t be 100% percent sure. also, what is
    your day job (in a brief description)

  15. paulsoaresjr Says:
  16. Christopher Duncan Says:

    NO NO NO we hurt his feelings in the comments of the last blog (about his
    baldness) and he wore a hat this time

  17. [TCG] LunarSlayer Says:

    Like every other youtuber I watch, you looked completely different to what
    I expected, which isn’t a bad thing :D

  18. Grizzlygaming88 Says:

    Why does stupid pewdiepie have millions of subscribers and Paul only has
    1.1 million :c pewdiepie sucks, Paulsoaresjr is the best channel ever!!!
    You are super awesome and I hope you keep up the great work 

  19. Black Wolf Says:

    Somehow I completely missed you had a Skyrim series. So much for YouTube’s
    great recommendation algorithm. I’ll be catching up. Cheers from Berlin:)

  20. Coffeehound Says:

    Paul, has anyone ever mentioned that you look kind of like Richard Dean

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