Viral Videos Episode 2 (Minecraft Edition)

Viral Videos Episode 2 (Minecraft Edition)Another compilation of some of the best viral videos recreated in Minecraft. Hope you enjoy the video and Like/fav. Links to all the original videos. Chuck testa: Antoine Dodson: Stalking Cat: Nyan Cat: Golden Voice: Video created by Cuzzzic, check out his channel – Special thanks to: Spaceecake & Samabizzle

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20 Responses to “Viral Videos Episode 2 (Minecraft Edition)”

  1. andjeseth1 Says:


  2. Hotbusterer Says:

    You thought this Video is bad? NOOOPE it’s good!

  3. GamerzHouse7 Says:

    Noooope…. Chuck Testa

  4. habbohotelmania Says:

    Love it! Do Charlie bit me and go bwaaa

  5. arcadesdudeMineCraft Says:

    these are great! lol!

  6. Thatsreallybaddude Says:

    A nice touch to fade the clip at the same time the original audio did for antoine dodson!

  7. AidanTheSnipah Says:

    Yah xD tobuscus literal!

  8. ThePixeledcrafters Says:

    Nyan cat would of been so much better if you teabagged

  9. DOGNRUNNN Says:

    2:2. NYAN OCELOT!

  10. NabsterHax Says:

    …. Nyan cat poops rainbows…

  11. blackroseanjel22 Says:

    great job =) can’t wait to see more

  12. SGamerFamily Says:

    This was great!

  13. sesni345 Says:

    1:58 NYAN OCELOT!

  14. TheGovenor117 Says:


  15. LordSprinkleBuns Says:

    I love you, Cuzzy.

  16. Samuelfindlay Says:

    Hahaha. Loved it!
    Great work Cuz, I especially liked the nyan cat animation. :D

  17. TheLuckySpades Says:

    The stalker cat acts like a weeping angle from doctor who DX

  18. mrpuffmyduff Says:

    looks like he is POOPING rainbows not puking?!

  19. TheMrsbye Says:


  20. Ways2DieRevived Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! get it out of my head T_T… lol the only one I knew xD

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