UNTURNED – How to Find the Zubeknakov AK-47 / AK-74 (Guide / Tutorial)

UNTURNED - How to Find the Zubeknakov AK-47 / AK-74 (Guide / Tutorial)Let’s play Unturned! in this episode, I’ll show you how to find the rare Zubeknakov assault rifle (which is based on the AK-47 / AK-74) and a Russian ushanka to go with it! Unturned is a zombie…

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20 Responses to “UNTURNED – How to Find the Zubeknakov AK-47 / AK-74 (Guide / Tutorial)”

  1. jakem1800 Says:

    can someone please tell me how he equips his katana after hes done climbing
    the ladder

  2. bluierox Says:

    What’s the note thing on the side of one of your buildings?

  3. Alexander Simone Says:

    What is the penalty for a broken leg cuz nothing seems to happen with me

  4. joey galvin Says:

    Hey psj, I have unturned gold and bcs I got lots of loot I do t play bcs I
    am paranoid about losing it they are, military nvg, timber wolf sniper and
    gillie suit. Will you Please take these from me? 

  5. OnFIFASkills Says:

    what was his number 2 weapon (hot key 2)

  6. AlakaSamJR D Says:

    “The Roadster” only goes up to 46 mph and you said it was fast when I found
    a car that goes up to 74 mph! Also, what button do you press to turn off
    your night vision goggles when you where them?

  7. Yousif Akeel Says:

    How come you can’t see anything in the dark but on my mac it’s so bright at

  8. dekkitout Says:

    The Maple provides a good mix of assault and sniper ability, with the
    option of the 100 round NATO drum, but the milt. bullets are hard to come

  9. AQWicko Says:

    yeah i liked that :D solo runs ftw

  10. hamad jamali Says:

    Hey Paul do you know what the Anomaly is? it has something to do at the
    lighthouse it use to be in the game

  11. paulsoaresjr Says:

    Let’s go find the rare Zubeknakov (sorta like an AK-47 / AK-74) and a
    Russian ushanka to go with it!

  12. MindMessed Says:

    Really enjoyed it PSJ! It’s like going on a field trip with a scout master.

  13. Mindecrafter Says:

    Btw, you can use the ocean water to fill canteens without penalty

  14. WGSM Studio Says:

    How do u turn off blood i dont like it it’s supoust be a kid game

  15. Axel bergström Says:

    hey paul, just wondering how do you get so much weight to carry cause i can
    only carry 17.5 kilos :/
    thankfull for help! :)

  16. Coolconor98 Says:

    From my experience I have never seen a zombie abover the wheel house. Items
    do spawn above the wheel house (I’m not sure it they are military items
    though.) I would like to see the loot runs become a series :).

  17. Cyote Uggly Says:

    hehe , pretty fun game ehh Paul :)
    i like how the cars arent even glitchy when you drive them …
    make sure to get yourself a matamorez and a few xtra clips for it and equip
    it with the scope from the timberwolf , thats what i carry and it makes
    life real sweet :)

    Howwlie Howwl !!!

  18. CaptainCourton Says:

    what is the server ip for the one you and generikb play on? or is it privet

  19. R3v1091 Says:

    In my opinion, basing up at the military base (in the sniper towers) is a
    lot better for weapons and food because they spawn more weapons and
    occasionally an MRE. You can also get water from the ocean with canteens
    (which also spawns there).

  20. Syan Red Says:

    Only way to die really is killing your self with the grenade when you test
    it the first time. Or your own traps.

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