UNTURNED – How to Find the Novuh Shotgun (Guide / Tutorial)

UNTURNED - How to Find the Novuh Shotgun (Guide / Tutorial)Let’s play Unturned! in this episode, I’ll show you how to find the rare Novuh shotgun, which is based on the Benelli Nova pump-action. Unturned is a zombie survival sandbox with crafting,…

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20 Responses to “UNTURNED – How to Find the Novuh Shotgun (Guide / Tutorial)”

  1. Djrodw Says:

    +paulsoaresjr You should try and find the Matamorez next… best gun in
    the game to me. built in flash hider/silencer and its full auto. 

  2. aghjbh Says:

    Do one of these vids for a sniper rifle please!

  3. JLeetle Says:

    If you want to do a how to find video on the timberwolf and the ghillie
    suit go to the heli crash on the island. I was in a server with friends and
    we just kept rebooting the server to get us all a timberwolf it took like
    10 minutes 

  4. Justin Hardy Says:

    Can you Try to find the Timberwolf sniper? :-)

  5. simeon dwyer Says:

    How do you have 5 quick slots?

  6. Kody Smith Says:

    why is you;re gui dark grey my gui is light gray and my map s white

  7. PerishingFlame Says:

    last time i checked, the novuh isnt a rare gun

  8. DeathwingSSI Says:

    The novuh was one of my first ranged weapons, other than the colt and DB,
    didn’t realize it was that rare, the compound bow is the best bow btw, and
    the best strategy is too disconnect and reconnect at a place where it spawn

  9. Mike Gus Fifteen Says:

    My friend has a Benelli, they also make them here in the States. I think he
    paid somewhere around $3k for it, used. Beautiful shotgun though.

  10. Felix Forthwind Says:

    Shotgun spread is way exaggerated in videogames.

  11. AkosJaccik Says:

    My first thought was “Dang, I wish I could put a flashlight on that” too.
    :) I would love that on PvE, I’m kind of sick of the NVG-s. About the
    slugs, in my game it happened only once or twice that I shot (accidentally)
    two zombies behind each other with one slug – while I have a little over a
    hundred hours in the game according to the Steam. I also didn’t notice that
    slugs inflict considerably more damage, it’s just that I have to aim with
    them more precisely. In the end, I stopped using them altogether. Also,
    Paul, I recommend for you to experiment with the following: Shoot at a wall
    with a buckshot without right-click aiming, and then shoot at it while
    aiming with the sight! While at the former case the shotgun has it’s normal
    spread, at the latter, it doesn’t seem to have any!

  12. CreepermanX Says:

    Hey Paul You are an awesome youtuber,do you have any tips for making my
    YouTube channel larger or better

  13. Stonecliff Says:

    did he turn blood of cause of children?

  14. Ceser1999 Says:

    I prefer the Double Barrel for Zombi hunting in single player as it has
    even higher damage

  15. Jordan Varty Says:

    Charlottetown Paul, not Charleston. Good video though :)

  16. wildsonny1 Says:

    Why are shotguns the best? Because the don’t drop there mag when you
    reload. They don’t have mags

  17. P88o Says:


  18. slydude71 Says:

    Is the Novuh rare or something?

  19. Julian TheBatDraw Says:

    if you are going till the end of the bridge you gen an achivement

  20. liam mccarthy Says:

    I don’t like this game much.

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