UNTURNED 3.0 Update – Ragdoll Zombies!

UNTURNED 3.0 Update - Ragdoll Zombies!Unturned 3.0 Early Preview test drive! In this episode, we finally get to shoot ZOMBIES and see the new ragdoll physics in action! Follow me on Steam; http://bit.ly/1sWgFjj My Unturned playlist:…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : Oct 30th, 2014

20 Responses to “UNTURNED 3.0 Update – Ragdoll Zombies!”

  1. David Freitas Says:

    Paul is love, Paul is WAIT…let’s not do that. Let’s never do that.

  2. coastersplus Says:

    The shooting in this game looks pretty fun.

  3. Laura H Says:

    “Awww, I’m sorry Mom”

    All this mom was thinking was how much you sound like a proud, doting Papa!

  4. Levy Wilson Says:

    The annotations aren’t working. :(

  5. William autry Says:

    hey Paul any news about your sever series for 3.0 let us or me
    know -BroBrine1000

  6. paulsoaresjr Says:
  7. CronicX007 Says:

    No First for you!

  8. mineportals Says:

    can I go back to unturned 1?

  9. MrHothead099 Says:

    Can’t wait. Like if u love Unturned.

  10. ImTotallyTechy Says:

    Thanks for the update! Looks cool, cant wait to play it.

  11. bob smith Says:

    how do you play on the dev test world

  12. AwesomeBryG Says:

    I Always Watch Your Channel Last, Because Your The Best! 8)

  13. illdiewithoutpi Says:

    I hope that Nelson is going to change the crafting system, it was a giant
    convoluted mess in Unturned 2

  14. The Mutant Glalie Says:

    Hello from deep in the heart of TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Metal Dwarf Productions Says:

    omg IM FIRST!

  16. Chris Price Says:

    Will there be an unturned 4 after this is finished?

  17. James McIntosh Says:

    So are they putting in an in game server browser?

  18. Matt E Says:

    He had 100% hunger and thats why he started losing health…

  19. huba713 Says:

    Why do you say there is no sound when there is?

  20. Lava Monger Says:

    I wonder if players will have similar ragdoll physics C:

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