UNTURNED 3.0 Update – Gun Attachments and New Stores!

UNTURNED 3.0 Update - Gun Attachments and New Stores!Let’s play Unturned 3.0! in this episode, we look at the latest Early Preview build including gun attachments and teasers about a few new shops! Follow me on Steam; http://bit.ly/1sWgFjj My…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : Oct 3rd, 2014

20 Responses to “UNTURNED 3.0 Update – Gun Attachments and New Stores!”

  1. learntoCOEXIST Says:

    I thought you owned a tech buisness, I didn’t know you owned a hat store
    too. XD LOL.

  2. insidemonster Says:

    Great video

  3. stefan damjanovic Says:

    How did you update PLEASE do a turtorial


    do the zombies still damage u by 10

  5. Parker Craft Says:

    Now PSJ must buy a purple hat.

  6. Riley Hinkel Says:

    what happend to the unturned series with genny

  7. TheMinecraftAssassin Says:

    that Lirik Refrence XD

  8. paulsoaresjr Says:
  9. Rocketholden Says:

    lirik is a twitch atreamer

  10. Tim Andries Says:

    Nice you got 1000000 subs ;)

  11. LittlePenguin Says:

    I don’t have a Iphone… Or a nose ring…

  12. GoldKitsuneBrony Says:

    :D Paul used the term ‘Script Kiddy’ lol day is made.

  13. VicIsRad Says:

    y r guns so common omg this game sux

  14. LSmadcrafters Says:

    I want to see the Forsaken Isle game :c*

  15. PreparedBroom Says:

    This game has so much potential. But i can’t develop so i’m on of those
    guys….. :(

  16. ElectronicBoyPlaysMC Says:

    Lol sexton?

  17. Axel Uzumaki Says:


  18. Conor Booth Says:

    Is Lirik the big twitch streamer?

  19. AJ3DS710 Says:

    An early access. For early access. Early access inception ._.

  20. SENTO 6 Says:

    waht if there would be special zombies? that would be soo cool!

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