UNTURNED 3.0 Road Warrior! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

UNTURNED 3.0 Road Warrior! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)Let’s play Unturned 3 Early Preview! In this episode, Mad Papa turns his ambulance into a “Mad Max” style mobile fortress with barbed wire, sandbags, generator, spotlights, and storage crates!…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : May 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “UNTURNED 3.0 Road Warrior! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)”

  1. MC Modder Says:

    Paul, if you have a barbed wire where you normally get out, it puts you on
    top of the car

  2. Rahman_Noodles456 Says:

    Will mountable machine guns be a thing?

  3. Food 2411 Says:

    MOD!?!?!?, xD

  4. Xoddy Fabbo Says:

    Me and my brother just burst out laughing when the pickup truck started
    rolling around and going crazy. Thanks a lot for making our day Paul! :D

  5. Refugio Rg Says:

    Paul where is minecraft ):? Reply plz I need answer from you 

  6. DarkDiaper Says:

    They Need to add an RV in this game it will be so cool

  7. Ethan Turner Says:

    Nelson should make it so you can drive the car with some1 on top so you can
    drive through town with your mate shooting everyone with a maplestrike

  8. Jose Pablo Sanchez Says:

    Why you have Canada map?? :o

  9. paulsoaresjr Says:
  10. Joseph Chan Says:

    You should’ve made the “Flipping Pick-Up Truck” as the intro. It made me
    laugh so hard that I choked! lol

  11. Videogamer035 Says:

    Can someone help me my unturned wont load in the beginning it just wont load

  12. CODCraftersx Says:

    How do you still have the Canada map? I thought it was removed! And it’s
    not on my map list! Please tell!!

  13. TheComputerServer Says:

    I’m a Build A Mobile Home

  14. Scteam2000 Says:

    “Sorry ’bout your car cousin eddy!”. In the south, we blow cars up just for

  15. Joshua Langford Says:

    Hi Paul great video. Love the modified truck.Could you put the sleeping
    bags in the vehicles?? 

  16. Zack T Says:

    paul i used to watch your first minecraft tutorials so long ago i just
    found your channel again

  17. CopperGaming Says:


  18. hulksterstyle Says:

    PSJ I think you should play cube world again.

  19. supermole plays Says:

    There’s a mad max game :D 

  20. Donald Burr Says:

    12:50 OMG I totally lost it there.. problem is, I happened to be eating a
    slice of pizza covered in red pepper flake at the time.. some of which
    accidentally got in my wind pipe… OWWW

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