UNTURNED 3.0 New PEI Map! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

UNTURNED 3.0 New PEI Map! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)Let’s play Unturned 3.0 Early Preview! In this episode, we evacuate the Canada mainland and head to New PEI before a nuke touches down! â-» Subscribe for more! http://bit.ly/1ABLtPk â-» My…

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20 Responses to “UNTURNED 3.0 New PEI Map! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)”

  1. Crististian Jay Gallo Says:

    that MEGA Zombie is only 3 hits if you head it with Maplestrike

  2. theo sonnet Says:

    I no longer have access to the map canada how? Please 

  3. Mohamed Darwish Says:

    there is anther update including electricity ramparts and garages

  4. SirVictorYPower Says:

    Paul there is a secret cave on the bottom left of the map where the rocks

  5. Ante Blašković Says:

    What ?? Why did Neson do this ? He could leave us Canada, I like it. I like
    PEI too, but this is stupid.

  6. EkulSolo Says:

    I love that Nelson is willing to actually take things out as well as add
    things. Hopefully that means Unturned won’t get as bloated as other
    games… ahem, minecraft, ahem.

  7. San Duck Says:

    Wait a minute, i’ve never seen those sunglasses before? Am i dumb to not
    now how you get those?

  8. saad khan-yousaf Says:

    You should make a proper roleplay server which is white listed so you get
    hardcore rp gameplay

  9. Galaxy Gazer Animations Says:

    I am so upset with Nelson. Canada was so much better than PEI. I at least
    had a backup, but it upsets me there won’t be any updates.

  10. Luis Burgos Says:

    Paulsoaresjr how can I change my hud to your hud?

  11. paulsoaresjr Says:

    Hope you like my quiet drive through post-apocalypse Canada in the humvee
    with haunting music by Secession Studios! One of my favorite sequences I’ve
    ever made. :)

  12. Levi Campbell Says:

    I love your roleplays! You know what I think someone should do? Create a
    server that has an actual government, a society rather than crazy killers.

  13. illdiewithoutpi Says:

    I like that your intro was more than half the video. I loved it though! :D

  14. Stona Raptor Says:

    so version 3 is standard version now?

  15. paulsoaresjr Says:
  16. AllPartOfThePlan100 Says:


  17. john maclean Says:

    PEI is actually a really cool lil island! i went there 2 summers ago i live
    like 6 hours away from there.

  18. Karin Höjeberg Says:

    you are the only youtuber playing untuned

  19. Ali Alradwy Says:

    A 17 year old did better physics than BF4.

  20. TheBlue10 Says:

    Is he even playing MC anymore?If not, why does he still have an MC profile

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