UNTURNED 3.0 – Father & Son in Smileyland – Part 7 – “Smiley City!”

UNTURNED 3.0 - Father & Son in Smileyland - Part 7 - Let’s play Unturned 3.0 multiplayer co-op! Just some good ol’ fashioned father & son zombie-killin’ bonding time! Like Rick and Carl of The Walking Dead! Smileyland map: http://bit.ly/1A4jfHn…

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20 Responses to “UNTURNED 3.0 – Father & Son in Smileyland – Part 7 – “Smiley City!””

  1. Shi Zhan Says:

    paul chainsaw is added to the game and you can now build on your cars:)

  2. jalen weaver Says:

    psj can you make a video of how you made a lan server

  3. BriceGaming Says:

    What microphone does your son use?


    Paul you can build on cars or atv

  5. Tyler Blair Says:

    “I have skills!” he says will 10 experience invested in ONE skill…

  6. PartyFuzedGamer Says:

    Whats the background song called at 14:00

  7. TomTom15000 Says:

    Ah yes, time to download smiley land & play that map :D I haven’t really
    found any good maps that work properly though.. As this map works pretty
    well in the smiley land videos, i think i might give it a try :D

  8. TheSkidify Says:

    Appreciate the video, Paul!

  9. Matthew Conover Says:

    the conversion from my unturned controls to my minecraft controls is so
    hard because the unturned sprint key is shift and the minecraft sprint key
    is Q (well thats what i use) so in minecraft i try to sprint so i press
    shift and it crouches.

  10. ThatOneGuyDAN Says:

    psj you can click and drag stuff to you character and it will put it in
    your hand instead of clicking twice

  11. ZAMBIES4LIFE Says:

    How old is paul?

  12. kevin purple Says:

    Is this a custom map

  13. Dawson Ayers Says:

    play on the map buried it is in the workshop plz

  14. paulsoaresjr Says:
  15. connor forsyth Says:

    just got my t shirt and im loving it

  16. Manuel Figueroa Says:

    Why have’nt you post any minecraft videos paul ?

  17. jason Says:

    Paul u now how to download smileyland I’m having trouble with it

  18. Hardcore Soarvivor Says:

    This series is epic…

    I like it

  19. supermole plays Says:

    Lol chief is so funny hay Paul when you start a online sires can you have
    chief in it? :D chief fan club 

  20. Seth Jones Says:

    How do you get in 3.0 ?

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