UNTURNED 3.0 – Father & Son in Smileyland – Part 6 – “ATV!”

UNTURNED 3.0 - Father & Son in Smileyland - Part 6 - Let’s play Unturned 3.0 multiplayer co-op! Just some good ol’ fashioned father & son zombie-killin’ bonding time! Like Rick and Carl of The Walking Dead! Smileyland map: http://bit.ly/1A4jfHn…

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Filed under paulsoaresjr : Comments (20) : Apr 6th, 2015

20 Responses to “UNTURNED 3.0 – Father & Son in Smileyland – Part 6 – “ATV!””

  1. paulsoaresjr Says:

    I have discovered Unturned 3 mods! Things are gonna get crazy in Smileyland
    starting with ATV’s! XD

  2. The 31337 Says:

    You should have your son play with you more even out of Unturned such as

  3. paulsoaresjr Says:
  4. Miss Emily Says:

    Yes! I’ve been dying waiting for this.

  5. Astrogirl1usa Says:

    It’s great that you and your son are having such a great time together!
    The ATV mod adds a lot of fun to the game. Paul, I have to ask you for a
    favor; I need you to repeat something for me. I asked you before, about
    updating the PWMS. You said, “it’s up to the Admins”, I told Sim that
    and he said, “I’d like to see that comment”. I’ve been searching through
    your YT comments, to no avail. You know how many comments there are? lol
    Anyway, could you please say ‘it’s up to the Admins’ one more time for the
    record? Sorry to bother you with this. Have a great day!

  6. AidPlayz Says:

    Paul will you be playing on a server with your fans soon as that would be

  7. Eliezer Rodriguez Says:

    Is Unturned 3.0 fully out yet?

  8. Jodddy Lewis Says:

    Paul goin’ hardcore no hitmarkers!!

  9. NoJoGames Says:

    Your son has some Zombie fighting skills! Love this series. Keep it up!

  10. Jack Mitchell Says:

    Hey paul, would you mind making a tutorial about hosting an LAN Unturned
    3.0 Server? It would help my brother and I.

  11. ethanm1220 Says:

    Paul please bring back Costume Quest I really loved it

  12. Ross Hutcheson Says:

    I wish my dad was this cool lol

  13. KidKeks Says:

    How do i get on this map i only can play pei

  14. matthew higgins Says:

    Hi Paul! Bought an I’m a soarviver shirt and can’t wait for it to come in!

  15. ShadowGolem86 Says:

    Paul had a yellow ATV and an orange shirt and the other guy had an orange
    ATV and a yellow shirt.

  16. Videogamer035 Says:

    how do you get that map that you play in?

  17. Ross Hutcheson Says:

    how do you install mods?

  18. Redcreeper2003 Says:

    How old is chief?

  19. Mike Gatley Says:

    Paul! Awesome episode! I would recommend trying out a very popular game
    cs:go! It’s awesome! And a ton of fun. It requires teamwork, strategies,
    and a TON of skill! Please try it!
    -#1 soarvivor

  20. Alexslayscreepas Says:

    How do you download mods? I have the workshop and 3.8

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