UNTURNED 3.0 3rd Person View! Advantage or Not?! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)

UNTURNED 3.0 3rd Person View! Advantage or Not?! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)Let’s play Unturned 3 Early Preview! In this episode, Mad Papa tests the new 3rd-person viewpoint and discusses the pros and cons with respect to multiplayer PvP! â-» Subscribe for more! http://go…

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20 Responses to “UNTURNED 3.0 3rd Person View! Advantage or Not?! (Gameplay / Walkthrough)”

  1. Syed Mehdi Says:

    YESSSS!! been waiting for this since 2.0

  2. paulsoaresjr Says:
  3. ragin cajun Says:

    Dude mega zombies are bada** I threw a perfect grenade right at his feet
    like 10 rounds from a cobra than about 20 from a maple strike before it
    died but they give some amazing loot 

  4. Nonum Says:

    I only wanted 3rd person to be able to SEE MY CHARACTERS FACE inside the
    world, without going to a menu. That way you could possibly take a
    screenshot with friends and have your FACE in the picture… I think the
    360 degree view would be better just for that reason.. Maybe not be able to
    move while in 3rd person except for spinning around your toons body. That
    would be awesome.

  5. William Saccavino Says:

    I personally love it!

  6. TNT Gaming Says:

    So long as it’s optional I’m cool with it.

  7. William New Says:

    Smelling roses? Well, soon he’ll be pushing daisies.

  8. droctagonapus89 Says:

    There is a glitch in this patch that makes all food that spawn in the game
    to always spawn with 100% quality. This also applies to equipment and

  9. Jose Pablo Sanchez Says:

    Hi paul, you can tell me how do you get the Canada map??

  10. Luneste Says:

    Third person for people and not being able to look outside a “reasonable”
    field of view, and by reasonable, there’s not eyes in the back of your
    head. Third person in cars is, what I believe, revolutionary, because
    sometimes it’s pretty difficult to drive around when you don’t have the
    same things a regular car has or are accustomed to some major games with
    their unrealistic driving cameras such as the GTA series, Saints row, etc.
    Of course, if it’s seriously a problem, Nelson can add a feature in which
    server owners can disable/enable certain aspects of third person or third
    person altogether.
    Now, let’s put this down here: Nelson is TALENTED in coding for a 15(?)
    year old, and he’s released a game in which nobody has to pay for unless
    they want some minor perks such as graphical changes, so for those who want
    major changes to the game happening quickly, though this was not exactly
    the topic I was talking about, you’re lucky he’s decided not to force you
    to pay for it, but because of the fact he’s making such a great game and
    making it a true free to play (A false free to play is games in which you
    get a advantage over others by purchasing things with real money) he’s one
    of the most respectable developers on my list for steam, and possibly

  11. Jodddy Lewis Says:

    Might be released in 1-2 months December 2014

  12. legoclone09 Says:

    Melee is physics-based in 3rd-person.

  13. TheComputerServer Says:

    I know I like that the option is there, But I do think it’s going to be the
    same case as Minecraft, the option is there, but 1st Person would be the
    easiest to use. I’d just use 1st person personally

  14. paulsoaresjr Says:

    3rd-person camera viewpoint added! DISCUSS! XD

  15. TheAllBlackMan Says:

    I don’t think I’ll be using this. It’s nice to have it, but it would be
    better if a feature was added which put you BACK in a first person view
    when scoped in, and returned to an over-the-shoulder view when not scoped

  16. Ian Clark Says:

    I personally like the 3rd person view, at least for driving

  17. Medic JP Says:

    Is this on steam?

  18. VlogginLife Says:

    I think for driving 3rd person would be awesome but for on foot its all
    about first person. That 3rd person when on foot reminds me too much of
    Army of Two and I hated how your guy took up 1/4 of the screen.

  19. Redstone_Malfunction Says:

    I think that it should stay, if you don’t like it don’t use it. It won’t
    kill you.

  20. Golden Sax Says:

    If everyone has it I don’t have a problem with it. Most fps games have the
    same camera functionality, especially the vehicle one. 

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