Tyken132’s Minecraft Channel Trailer

Tyken132's Minecraft Channel TrailerHello everyone! If you’re a first time viewer, hopefully this video gives you a general idea of what I’m like and what kind of things to expect from my channel! Editing Notes: This video took…

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Filed under Tyken132 : Comments (20) : Feb 1st, 2015

20 Responses to “Tyken132’s Minecraft Channel Trailer”

  1. Tyken132 Says:
  2. Kondrik Says:

    Welcome back! It’s great to see you active again.

  3. TheOriginal Charizard Says:

    Its, its…..BUTTERFUL ! Lol, wen is your next minecraft lp video comin
    out? :D

  4. SockTheGamer I Minecraft Says:

    Nice, Great to see you back have been watching for a long time. :)

  5. Mineshafter Says:

    You’re alive!

  6. Dominic Fiacco Says:

    I’m so happy Tyken youre back!!!!!!

  7. bunhamable Says:

    Hey tyken we missed youuuuuu

  8. SeigneurDMorts Says:

    Glad to see you’re back

  9. Minecraft how to dude Says:

    new lets play pl0x :)

  10. Le Jurr Says:

    Tyken! What happened?

  11. Paisley Plays Says:

    TYKEN your back!!

  12. Jericko Acula Says:

    You’re an asshole

  13. Taner fitchue Says:

    Hey I missed you 

  14. Darasilverdragon Says:

    Oh shit
    You finally back, buddy? We’ve missed your builds

  15. M0N573C00K13 Says:

    Your alive :D

  16. The Soul Gamer Says:

    Great trailer Tyken :)

  17. Kenny1997 Says:

    Nice video! I think you captured the essence of the channel very well :) On
    a seperate note, assuming you have time would you mind re-organising the
    lets play playlist please? The way it currently is (messed up) makes it
    kinds hard to re-visit some of your older lets play vids.

  18. GanjaGaming Says:

    What are your plans on your lets play continue or start new? I think it
    would nice to see you start from the beginning all over again. Just an

  19. Gamergrl Says:

    Missed you!!! :D Come back on your SMP sometime.

  20. . Nielsly Says:

    NOOO! You ruined it, there’s black bars in the video!

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