Track Switching with Trapped Chests

Track Switching with Trapped ChestsFind more Minecraft Addict Videos at r/minecraftaddict:

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  1. LetsDoRedstone Says:

    I dont even know how to add ANY link to annotations… is it maybe only a youtube partner thingie?

  2. James Fallon Says:

    On your page go to video manager > click edit drop down arrow thing under a video > Click annotations or whatever :D
    Good luck :)

  3. Minecraftaddict Says:

    I’d be surprised if no one had.

  4. Shen Shenanigans Says:

    I personally hate those subcribe links in the videos because if I want to subscribe I know where the button is.

    Just google for “add subscribe link youtube video” :)

  5. inertia186 Says:

    This is excellent. I have been attempting to wire a data cart to make automatic track selection. Something like this would be much more simple.

    A data cart is a storage cart that travels in front of your minecart. When it is loaded with n items, it enables automatic destination selection by switching the tracks before you, depending on what n is. But it’s very complicated and sensitive to timing.

    I like your way better.

  6. jgierer12 Says:

    Sorry, but JL2579 did this already and in my opinion his one is better

  7. Minecraftaddict Says:

    Anyone know anything about annotations? I can’t seem to add a subscribe link.

  8. CuriousMoth Says:

    Yea, that’s a really good idea. Makes things much easier to click.

  9. HybridCreeper Says:

    Didn’t JL2579 do this already?

  10. LordBenow Says:


  11. vinigretzky97 Says:

    You know that you can hide the complete circuit underground because opened trapped chest power redstone thorugh the block below them!

  12. t195a Says:


  13. ultimateredstone Says:

    nice idea! and doesn’t the GUI of the chest close automatically when you go too far away? That’s practical as well

  14. PoweredMinecart Says:

    Probably better to make it a double chest for a larger surface area. Good job.

  15. TheGamingRobin Says:

    You could also make a sort of station that pushes you when you open the chest :D

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