Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts and Crosses): Npc AI Logic Put Into Redstone Part 1

Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts and Crosses): Npc AI Logic Put Into Redstone Part 1This video shows and explains the win and block logic units as well as how it all ties together to create our varied difficulty Npc AI. Part 2 will likely showcase the randomizer portion. So stay tuned ;D Donate: www.paypal.com

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Filed under roboticaust : Comments (20) : Feb 17th, 2012

20 Responses to “Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts and Crosses): Npc AI Logic Put Into Redstone Part 1”

  1. TehMUX Says:

    Well explained I (almost) completely understand :)

  2. roboticaust Says:

    Basically, I want it all to calculate at once then pick which is best and output. This will allow me to predict it so I can do some other fancy and unnecessary things ;) If I’m stuck waiting on some other random technique to brute force a valid reply, that lowers the controllable predictability to zero. And when their are fewer options left on the board, it takes longer and longer with any of those brute force methods.

  3. roboticaust Says:


  4. roboticaust Says:

    I’m not looking for spazzy, unreliable or uncontrollable solutions. Stop assuming you know better than me when none of this has been done before. Random outputs on whack-a-mole =/= an npc AI. It’s simply a back-end controller and nothing more.

  5. gudenaurock Says:

    @roboticaust How are we so alike dude?

  6. MADGamingPC Says:

    @roboticaust well thats not good lol

  7. gudenaurock Says:

    @roboticaust I don’t know you irl, so no. :-(

  8. roboticaust Says:

    The next video is far from being explained well and will likely melt brains, but I blame Toby for that since his design hurts even my cranium. But I’m trying to do all the complicated redstone in bitesized bits. So it’s nice to see comments like this were people are taking it in and understanding it even if they can’t reproduce it nearly as well as I made it. My goal is to keep from overwhelming and making my viewers feel dumb when they aren’t.

  9. DarkPrince946 Says:

    @roboticaust Torch burnout is random.

  10. DarkPrince946 Says:

    @roboticasut A randomiser has been done, voxol boxes whack a mole.

  11. TheCrazedLunatic Says:

    @roboticaust Lol yeah, I mean I know you’re probably not the smarter than everybody in the redstone mechanics community lol, but I still find your stuff very interesting. I hardly understand any of it honestly, but that’s what I like about it. I like trying to figure out stuff I don’t understand so that I..Well..Understand haha. But anyways, do they have youtube channels cuz I would love to see their work as well :)

  12. DarkPrince946 Says:

    @roboticaust Wow dude, sorry, and believe me im not a fanboy, and i’m pretty sure the only quick random way to get redstone is torch burnout, cati is too slow, and im not sure how your going to use minecarts but rainbow roads way isnt compleatly random, it repeats, even if its clock doesnt stop. But i’ll reserve final judgement on it till i see it, and i’m sure your going to come up with something diffrent.

  13. roboticaust Says:

    Thanks for the compliments. Fancynfar brainfucked me yesterday with his randomizer design that should be up shortly. So even I get blown away by other peoples redstone. Daftasbush for instance did a really intelligent bcd to binary display that I understand entirely, but was so simple and brilliant that I felt utterly stupid that I didn’t think of it myself.

  14. gudenaurock Says:


  15. gudenaurock Says:

    @roboticaust Sorry.

  16. roboticaust Says:

    Sorry, Etho put me in a fowl mood before that last reply. The point of the randomizer design I ultimately decided on was so that I could store all the data into a memory unit and use that unit to control all the logic in one swoop then reliably release the data in one delayed line from the players last accepted move. That way I wasn’t stuck waiting if their were fewer moves left on the board (meaning it wouldn’t spit out data that was already taken in the game).

  17. roboticaust Says:

    Not the same fanboy. Using minecarts to make random variables =/= what I was trying to do here. That shit has been done to death for ages now. He didn’t come up with it, nor is it new. What I wanted was something that would reliably have one output always on and ONLY one on. And that output would always be an output that didn’t already exist on the board. There is an actual reason for all of this that will make sense when I get that far.

  18. roboticaust Says:

    No idea bro. Wanna hang some time? lol

  19. roboticaust Says:

    You totally put a / in my <3

  20. roboticaust Says:

    Yeah, I stream my builds every so often.

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