Tic-Tac-Toe Lava Piston Displays

Tic-Tac-Toe Lava Piston DisplaysI got a bit of progress made earlier than expected and figured I’d show you guys as well as ask more opinions on the look and feel of the display. I also botched your name fancynfar and sincerely apologize. I didn’t have it written in front of me, but rather impromptu said your username (backwards lol). Donate: www.paypal.com

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Filed under roboticaust : Comments (20) : Feb 17th, 2012

20 Responses to “Tic-Tac-Toe Lava Piston Displays”

  1. invinciblemode Says:

    @roboticaust yes, you’re right.

  2. roboticaust Says:

    It’s possible, but it would look really strange.

  3. roboticaust Says:

    Would still need to make it visible from long distance, so glowstone is required for the water one. Lava doesn’t need any of that due to being its own light source. But I get what you’re saying. I honestly wanted a good excuse to use the lava one over the water one and I believe this display is the perfect excuse since it doesn’t require frequent updates to any segments.

  4. MrCosbraa Says:

    @roboticaust so you aren’t going to? or you are ? :P

  5. MrCosbraa Says:

    @roboticaust haha its not that ugly! :O
    Just a few changes ;)

  6. roboticaust Says:

    Haven’t thought out that far. I have most the circuits involved for all the fun in my head, just haven’t really planned out the aesthetics of the control room yet. Planned on winging it when I get that far.

  7. roboticaust Says:

    My texture pack is stuck in purgatory atm due to several of the packs I pilfer from being dead. The guy who makes the amazing mob textures I love ended up hurting his hand and vanished shortly after, so it is amazingly incomplete after all these new additions to the game. The majority of the blocks I use are from a pack that is in progress but the creator decided to take another few month break right before 1.0 came out and the last 2 packs are just to fill missing holes.

  8. karlisgross Says:

    @roboticaust honestly i don’t know how that would be possible, without making it 2times bigger?

  9. roboticaust Says:

    At first, I thought you meant like making each display different. like lava in 5 of them and water in 4 of them. but making something with both lava and water would def make it larger.

  10. gmfreaky Says:

    I’ve tested the fire particles thing, they really don’t set things on fire :) I made a video response.

  11. roboticaust Says:

    They were at one point. Probably got removed because it was sparking cobble and clean stone on fire randomly. But good work making me feel dumb :D

  12. TheKaldarsPanda Says:

    Really nice. I would recommend having obsidian lines, and not glass pane lines, I think it would look nicer. Thanks.

  13. xWeeze Says:

    maybe water instead of lava and glowstone instead of obsidian?

  14. roboticaust Says:

    Thought about this comment a bit at work since I had that in mind when I saw the smaller display set up too. Maybe I could do dual colors on each and share one of those colors so I could it less noticeable. So basically it would look like 2 stripped designs with a differing color in each. IE green with black stripes and blue with black stripes. The problem is, a lot of the blocks don’t really contrast the lava well at all and the ones that do can burst into flames -.-

  15. razerburst Says:

    @roboticaust Then make water and lava squares or is that really hard/impossible?

  16. roboticaust Says:

    No, I shouldn’t. Their needs to be 3 states, not 2. Nothing displayed, X displayed, O displayed.

  17. roboticaust Says:

    I think fancynfar beat you on making me feel ultra dumb though. I started work on a randomizer that is intelligent enough to skip over data that has already been taken and looked at it and went “pfft, this is too complicated for my tired head to comprehend right now” during my livestream. And literally 5 seconds later he was like “done!”

    And happy holidays to you too.

  18. roboticaust Says:

    The texture pack I’m used to using has the lines removed. I don’t care to alter the default pack any.

  19. gmfreaky Says:

    @roboticaust Hehe, it’s ok, Happy holidays btw :)

  20. roboticaust Says:

    So short answer is, no. If I’m stuck dealing with how ugly the default pack is, so are the viewers.

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