The Misadventures of Minecraftchick: Death by…

The Misadventures of Minecraftchick: Death by...Today I finally got back to my Mushroom house in Minecraft. Then I decided to set out on another adventure to see if I could find more diamonds. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite as planned….

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20 Responses to “The Misadventures of Minecraftchick: Death by…”

  1. CTank2000 Says:

    I just realized that your eyes look like Eye of Enders. It’s a really nice
    green color. :D

  2. Bethany Fenwick Says:

    Like this video if your the 100th person to thumbs up this video!

  3. Mari AS Says:

    Hahahaha, this happend to me!
    and, it feels so ASDFGHJGDA :’c ♥


  4. personwhoesrandom123 Says:

    Trying to swim out of lava before you die is probably the most stressful
    thing in Minecraft……plus being shot at by a skeleton makes it just that
    much more frustrating….

  5. Kitty SoftPaw Says:

    OMG a star lol. Those darn skeletons! They were never my favorite hostile
    Is the update for minecraft pocket edition coming out soon?

  6. Jasmine Angelina Says:


  7. CandyGamer91162 Says:

    You’re gorgeous :)

  8. shiijin Says:

    Usually my end comes the same way except the the part where i just fall
    into the lava without any help from a skeleton. I figure that i am just to
    laden down with diamonds to make a jump, yet i try anyway

  9. whirlingsafe8 Says:

    Video is awesome! As always

  10. TheRelicsPoint Says:

    I have the same reaction every time I fall in the lava after being alive
    for awhile… nothing but sadness for the loss of all my gubbins. :(

  11. Lauren Barto Says:

    Uhg! Why skeletons why ;-;

  12. dImitroni CANT Says:

    FIRST!!! right? I’m first right? right? Yes? No? ok.

  13. Chris Wiles Says:

    You were brave, fighting that close to lava. Personally I would’ve mined
    through the wall, a safer route.

  14. Enderkid Says:

    my worst death is when i just got out of a battle with about a heart or two
    left, and then I fall 3-4 blocks high and die.

  15. GamingLadyM Says:

    Glad you found your house again!

  16. Casaholla Says:

    Don’t worry mcc, emeralds aren’t that good anyway! their only use is to
    trade with villagers!

  17. ryanandkaite Says:


  18. sup foo Says:

    Girl stop whispering Jesus get a mic filter and speak up. 

  19. NateLikesPotatoes Says:


  20. Ariel segura Says:

    Right when u died I saw your diamond sword on the stone and don’t be sad
    about losing half of your things u still have some things still there and
    that happens to everyone

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