The Making of Minecraft Pokemon Red in Stop Motion.

The Making of Minecraft Pokemon Red in Stop Motion.We hope you enjoyed the video! thanks for watching. Please subscribe and remember to check back often for updates.

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Filed under minecrafta2z : Comments (20) : Apr 29th, 2012

20 Responses to “The Making of Minecraft Pokemon Red in Stop Motion.”

  1. molten2metal Says:

    It would be cool if you could make a timelapse of you making several frames of the stop animation.

  2. Sh33p12 Says:

    Suzily helped right?

  3. minecrafta2z Says:

    WorldGuard stops that from happening.

  4. TheEvilOctorock Says:

    its not Stop Motion if you just show pictures

  5. xereeto Says:

    Ok, thanks :) *googles reference*

  6. jordOWNi Says:

    can you guys unban me from the server
    ign= jordix99

  7. xxDarthxAndrexx Says:

    I was really hoping you would show the back of the screen :(

  8. baltobabe222 Says:

    God this comment is stupid.

  9. icomeinpieces1 Says:

    WOW, just Wow! I’m not a pokemon fan but you don’t need to be to see how impressive this is. Kudos

  10. TheWilcoB Says:

    it’s a Team Fortress 2 reference

  11. jamespogi3 Says:


  12. TheFavbot Says:


  13. minecrafta2z Says:

    This is just our “Making of” video, the actual stop motion video is in related –> :)

  14. MrWaeseL Says:

    fly into the lava please

  15. xereeto Says:

    What do you mean?

  16. lcjj7 Says:

    How come all the wool didn’t burn from the lava?

  17. zelarian Says:

    True dedication. I’d have so many projects finished if I had just 10% of your persistence.

  18. Fablemaster12 Says:

    now do it in color.

  19. lcjj7 Says:

    Oh yeah, makes sense. I should know that but I havn’t played minecraft, let alone ran my server, in a long time

  20. jameswait19 Says:

    =/ the admins on the server banned me for no reason

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