The Long Dark | E16 | “Fluffy the Dam Wolf!” (1080p60 Gameplay / Walkthrough)

The Long Dark | E16 | Let’s play The Long Dark! In this episode, Punchwood hikes back to the Carter Hydro Dam for a rematch with Fluffy!! â-» Subscribe for more! â-» The Long Dark playlist:…

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20 Responses to “The Long Dark | E16 | “Fluffy the Dam Wolf!” (1080p60 Gameplay / Walkthrough)”

  1. Aaron Grifka Says:

    Paul you are amazing at this game I am pretty amazed at how good you are

  2. Colin Winningham Says:

    Best one yet! Great job Pablopunchwood! Ahh man my heart was racing like I
    was there my self!!

  3. Squirmy Whale Says:

    17:25, fluffy literally stood there and watched you for like 15 seconds,
    Paul you got lucky, I’m surprise you didn’t turn into fluffy food

  4. Arthur Eustaquio Says:

    I Misspelled the title into Fluffy the Damn Wolf.

  5. StormyLaura H Says:

    Yikes! I guess Fluffy wanted to *ahem* take a bite out of crime! :P

  6. spencer mead Says:

    When I seen the dam in the distance I got so excited and I got goosebumps
    everywhere! :P And when Fluffy showed his face my heart just started to
    race! :) Loved this episode, awesome job Paul! :)

  7. Lars Hargraves Says:

    There was a safe in the room you didn’t check again. You went in there
    while you were looking for fluffy.

  8. Noah Lawless Says:

    Great vid! 

  9. Wilson Lee Says:

    Can fluffy still “respawn?” Or is he dead forever

  10. SportStar Says:

    Play any game has to do with minecraft please

  11. RougeAssasin Says:

    Paul Bears are most common (as i think) in the Clear cut because I’ve seen
    2 just wandering around in the clear cut so as long as you stay a good
    distance away from the Clear Cut you should be good and safe from bear

  12. Skyler Mckdoe Says:

    Play minecraft PLAY MINECRAFT!

  13. Mntdewmania Says:

    Wow not much of a choice is it, Killer Bears or Killer Wolves!! Well at
    least there are no Killer Bunnies :D

  14. Lil'Wiggydoesthings Says:

    Paul will you ever live stream again?

  15. Bill Wheatley Says:

    I love the gameplay even w/o action :)

  16. supermole plays Says:

    Guys lets start a story once apon a time 

  17. Isaac Little Says:

    The title is quite punny :P

  18. Emmaleigh Coe Says:

    Ding dong the wolf is dead!

  19. IronPastor7 Says:

    Paul, watch your language. ;)

  20. paulsoaresjr Says:

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