The Long Dark | E15 | “Rabbitskin Mittens!” (1080p60 Gameplay / Walkthrough)

The Long Dark | E15 | Let’s play The Long Dark! In this episode, Punchwood sneaks out before sunrise to check his snares at the Wabbit Shack so he can make rabbitskin mittens! â-» Subscribe for more!…

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20 Responses to “The Long Dark | E15 | “Rabbitskin Mittens!” (1080p60 Gameplay / Walkthrough)”

  1. matthew nichol Says:

    hi love your stuff keep up the good work

  2. SupposedlySuppose Says:

    paul you’re such an amazing youtube star and a great body of oxygen to not
    only the world but youtube in general I love your game plays helps me do
    better in these games to be honest! I like the way your personality dances
    around the whole video I love getting in from work and when the night rests
    I can lye in bed and chill down to the long dark ect at the perfect time
    and it’s truly amazing I found you just at the end of 2014 and I’m glad I
    did. Thank you for bringing as such laughter and wonder to our days/nights
    you truly are a blessing behind a computer screen. Much love from London.

  3. StormyLaura H Says:

    When I go camping, one of my favorite things is when my hubby wakes up
    first and gets the campfire and the coffee going. The starting of this
    video made me think of that. :D

  4. paulsoaresjr Says:
  5. Roque Lacroix Says:

    Wow I got to watch a video of how to open and close inventory for
    20minutes. Time to move on, to a real let’s play channel.

  6. GamerTuts Says:

    Love the way this game looks. But sadly I only get 30fps when playing. :/

  7. Yann4124 Says:

    +paulsoaresjr Cozy Mittens #RabitMittens ! Haha nice Video Paul

  8. Mason Martin Says:

    Hey Paul don’t forget to put your gloves back on, that was probably part of
    the reason it was so cold

  9. Pera Medina Says:

    l love how he’s talking to us like we are there and it makes him look like
    his mind has finally snapped from the solitude and the cold. LOL He’s
    standing in front of that empty bed, talking and gesturing to someone only
    he can see. XD

  10. Helgraf Frosthammer Says:

    I lové your rôle play plz do more

  11. louvena sanders Says:

    Poul I love your vids im a noob kind of i 

  12. EvanaBison Head Says:

    Anyone else watch this after waking up?:) Great video +Paul Soares Jr 

  13. Sandra Kesser Says:

    you know if you would quit talking to whoever is in your may
    remember to put your clothes back on:)

  14. Lisa Adams Says:

    Your comment about the amount of meat you have to eat made me curious so I
    looked it up. Takes 6000 to 10000 calories per day to survive in low
    temperatures according to activity level. Also need lots of fluids, cold
    air is dry. Really enjoying your LP. Thanks for your hard work.

  15. MinecraftCrystle Says:

    Am I the only one who loves when Paul starts off episodes like this? :3
    Makes me feel like Im there.

  16. Helgraf Frosthammer Says:


  17. Tepis Inferno Says:


  18. spencer mead Says:

    Dang! You were so close to heading out to the dam! :P Hopefully next
    episode! :) But great episode anyways! :)

  19. je lowry Says:

    there is another map to explore, at the end of the train tracks

  20. impress the darkness Says:

    can u upload a second video today ? because this was no action :/

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