The Hopper A Guide to its Behavior and Properties 13w05b

The Hopper A Guide to its Behavior and Properties 13w05bFind more Minecraft Addict Videos at r/minecraftaddict:

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20 Responses to “The Hopper A Guide to its Behavior and Properties 13w05b”

  1. Anamnesia Says:

    Nice one bruvva!

  2. dethlovesme Says:


  3. SuperJessmeister Says:

    will you ever come back to the server?

  4. KidSkolo Says:

    What are your pc specs?

  5. TheIRemainHidden Says:

    Keep up the good vids man. Really enjoying them

  6. TheDrumm1ngN1nja Says:

    That was a dupe glitch at 5:44 you started with 64 and then there was 64 in each hopper afterwards

  7. SOTAMinecraft Says:

    Hey there MinecraftAddict I’m a new subscriber and I’m finding your videos VERY useful! Thanks for the great content!

  8. CR0SBO Says:

    Great to have all this information in one place, very useful. Thanks

  9. Trugbildjaeger Says:

    Minecraftaddict! Awesome videos :P By the way, someone looked into the source code and figured some excact numbers out how a hopper acts where and when: watch?v=4O450necp-o
    Hope that helps :) Keep up the good stuff.

  10. tibab88 Says:

    Why did you delete random number generator with hoppers video ???

  11. EpicGamerBot Says:


  12. pablo dealbera Says:

    I was wondering the same thing.

  13. Luke Emanuel Says:

    Great vid, but at 5:40, weren’t they also going down because the hopper below was sucking it out(the one on top was only pushing to the right)

  14. Atanar89 Says:

    Locking one hopper in a line is not strange. That’s only showing how the hopper machanics has 2 components, it sucks items and put’s items in 2 independent procedures. A locked one would act like a chest here.

  15. TheGawhisper Says:

    In the vertical case I think that just one lock doesn’t work because even if you stop one hopper from dropping items, hoppers also “extract” items from an above inventory, so I guess that the one bellow pulls them

  16. isaac10231 Says:

    Where’s the random number generator?

  17. Minecraftaddict Says:

    I need to redo it using the reloading chunk info….

  18. Lme2002 Says:

    minecraftaddict??? i need help with regaurds to ur server quickly

  19. dog456pop Says:

    You should kidnap sethbling and force him to like every single on of your videos until you’re as famous as him

  20. Myndrios Says:

    Hopppers have to functions, both to take items from the container above, and deposit into the container below, when powered it turns off both functions, in vertical when u power it, it still has a hopper depositing, and a hopper taking from it, so it seems like nothing happens, but actually, its slowing it down.

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