THE GREAT RACE – TeamCrafted Launch Animation!

THE GREAT RACE - TeamCrafted Launch Animation!Welcome to Team Crafted! SkyDoesMinecraft, TheBajanCanadian, JeromeASF, MinecraftUniverse, SSundee, HuskyMudkipz and DeadloxMC have finally moved into a hous…

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Filed under MinecraftUniverse : Comments (20) : Dec 9th, 2013

20 Responses to “THE GREAT RACE – TeamCrafted Launch Animation!”

  1. madison penney Says:

    That was perfect.

  2. jose avila Says:

    he couldnt sleep some nights because of depression they were all supposed
    to be friends they didnt even give him a warning like kermit and caveman
    yah so they basically forgot about him # HELP SETO

  3. Baby Hara Says:


  4. Charles Breard Says:

    I guess I put my comment on the wrong video

  5. Irfan Fadilah Says:

    Is there the music for this?

  6. Ethan Lochridge Says:

    If seto was not gone all lanes would be filled. :( #setomovement

  7. Robert Michelson Says:

    Wheres kermit seto and caveman? And whares dylon ? Ok at least jeffry was

  8. Tashiihatesyou Says:

    Hey Jason, awesome remix on “The hall of the Mountain king”. Brilliant song
    with an amazing remix, it suits the animation! Very amazing animation too!

  9. OmegaBloom Says:

    This was a badass animation but aren’t setosorcerer and bodil40 in the team

  10. AlexTheGamer97 Says:


  11. TheDuckAndTheBrain Says:

    I have no problem with this, it’s a great idea… But isn’t team crafted
    already a name of a channel… Like the team crafted that makes
    mini-movies. Correct me if I am wrong.

  12. RandomMinecraftbros Says:

    That’s sethblings tnt thing

  13. L Ryuzaki Says:

    that akward moment when half the people who commented about seto dont even
    know the whole situation

  14. Thesomeone Person Says:

    What happened to Seto?

  15. Kim Schuler Says:

    The thing that bothers me the most is that last lane why does it have to be
    there I see it and think “If Seto wasn’t kicked out he’d be there” and I
    just want to cry they didn’t have to keep that last lane…

  16. Minerbot02 Says:

    Hey team crafted… SUCK a Dick #stayStrongSeto

  17. TheMegaamber Says:

    Can you guys make more vids with the whole teamcrafted gang? ^^ you, Sky,
    Deadlox, Ssundee, Jerome, Bajan and Mudkipz c:

  18. Michael Strickler Says:

    Team crafted are my fav minecrafters 

  19. Rose Cassetty Says:

    Now we know why Ssundee wears the glasses

  20. Kameron Zaib Says:


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